You better shape up

With summer fast approaching, the experts have all the products your clients could use to help them get their ultimate ‘Summer Body’.

You may have left your summer health kick to the last minute, but that doesn’t mean your dream body is out of reach. These quick fixes will have you body confident in no time.

Founded in France by well-known chemist René Guinot the collection of skincare products known throughout the world as “Guinot Paris” began as a focused approach to treating skin.

Guinot have just developed ‘Slim Logic’ – a complete slimming programme that combines a salon treatment, skincare product and nutritional supplement to finally reduce cellulite. Slim Logic acts from the outside in, reducing unwanted curves and from the inside out, burning fat.

Joanne Davies, training development manager at Guinot told us that Slim Logic is a perfectly rational way to achieve your summer body. She explained that a course of Slim Logic treatments can be prescribed depending on the desired result a client wishes to have. 2 sessions per week with a 72-hour gap can be performed for a course of 3, 6 or 10. The treatment takes 50 minutes and consists of exfoliation to prepare the skin. This removes dead cells allowing for deeper absorption of additional products. The ingredients of ginger & caffeine promote blood circulation and drainage to aid the detoxifying process. A 20-minute vigorous massage then follows to aid a slimming action. The ingredient of caffeine works to burn and break down fat along with massage techniques that aid drainage and promote blood circulation. The anti-fluid retention body wrap mask then follows to continue the detoxifying process. Caffeine, alginate and bromelain work to continually burn fat and fight against cellulite. To conclude, the Slim Logic aftercare cream is applied. To support this the nutritional supplements can be taken twice a day – 1 with breakfast and 1 with lunch. 

Joanne said: “It is important to prepare your body for summer to feel confident on holiday or amongst warmer weather in general when the body is more revealed.”  She told us that due to the active ingredients within each step, fat and cellulite are reduced. The key ingredient of caffeine works to increase the cell messengers in your body that are triggered by the brain to break down and perforate the wall of the adipocyte cell membrane. 

We asked Joanne if she thinks this programme is suited to achieving a summer body, to which she explained: “It will contribute towards it along with commitment from the client with lifestyle changes such as eating a balanced diet, regularly exercising and cutting down on caffeine/ carbonated drinks.” Therefore, the programme works hand in hand with a balanced healthy routine.

Providers of skin care products – Murad, distribute acne treatments and resurgence anti-ageing products all over the world.

Thalgo Body Mist

Tracey Wilmot, Director of Education for Murad explained how their ‘Firm and Tone’ serum could be your ultimate summer body product. Tracey said: “This product can help to firm and tone the skin. It’s a concentrated serum that enhances skin smoothness and improves the appearance of dimpled skin. It restores skin elasticity, boosts skin firmness and helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.” 

Cellulite and stretch marks are two of the main body hang ups which women have, and whilst everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin – Murad’s products may offer that extra bit of confidence for clents this summer.

When we asked Tracey why she thinks it is important to prepare your body for summer, she explained that Dr Murad wants everyone to enjoy the sunshine and feel more confident. She said: “Murad help to restore the skins ability to act younger so that areas of concern are less noticeable. We can also help clients with self-help advice such as eating water rich foods that help hydrate the skin at the cellular level. This will also stimulate collagen and elastin to encourage skin cell renewal. Foods such as carrots, sweet potato, and wholegrains all help support healthy collagen and improve skins health.”

We asked Murad’s Director of Education whether she thinks cellulite and stretchmarks are something which bothers her clients when preparing their body for summer. She said: “When people are wrapped up in boots and heavy raincoats the last thing on their mind is stretchmarks and dimpled skin. When bikini season hits, that’s when we all realise it’s time to act and women can feel very embarrassed or uncomfortable about having stretch marks, either after child birth or because of dieting.”

It’s not just getting rid of cellulite which clients may see as important, having a bronzed skin tone can also offer a confidence boost. Thalgo is the original professional marine health and beauty brand and the originator of the marine spa trend. Thalgo have been developing effective skincare products, nutritional supplements and professional beauty treatments for positive well-being for 50 years. 

Judith Emslie, Marketing Manager at Thalgo introduced us to two products they feel are perfect for clients to achieve their ‘Summer Body’ – Ma Douche d’été and Eau d’été.

The Ma Douche d’été Exfoliating Shower Gel helps to prepare the skin for a tan, removing dead skin cells whilst the Mon Eau d’été Nourishing Body Mist hydrates the skin, keeping it smooth and nourished.

Judith told us that although it is important to prepare your body for summer, we still must look after it all year round. She said: “We need to moisturise our skin to keep the lines at bay for as long as possible.”

All Thalgo products contain an algae active ingredient. The exfoliating shower gel contains a micro-algae extract, Tetraselmis Suecica to remineralise the epidermis. The hydrating body mist contains Laminara Digitata, brown algae extract to hydrate the skin and keep it balanced.

Judith added: “It is important to exfoliate to remove all the dead skin accumulated over the winter months and use effective moisturising products to keep the skin hydrated.”

“If your skin looks its best, you tend to feel more confident and ready to embrace the long summer days ahead. Like many people, I tend to hibernate a bit in the winter, but come spring I’m keen to arrange evenings out after work and weekends away, day trips to the coast to make the most of the weather and longer days.”

ELEMIS are a British skincare and spa brand that deliver pioneering, clinically-trialled therapies and products for face and body. Noella Gabriel, President of ELEMIS told us how they can offer a range of body care solutions or treatments to help with summer skin prep. She said: “I believe nothing is more gratifying than a foot treatment in the summer – seeing beautifully groomed, smooth, hydrated feet. I believe it’s a fantastic starting point.” Following this, Noella recommends ELEMIS’ ‘Best Foot Forward’ spa treatment, where clients receive a complete exfoliation of the feet before they are drizzled with warm oil and milk and wrapped in warm compresses. 

When we asked Noella which product she would recommend using for clients to get their summer body ready, she explained: “If body brushing is a beauty ritual you don’t already do all year round, now is the time to get on board. Using a body brush daily stimulates the circulation and lymphatic drainage to aid detoxification which can help eliminate up to 1lb of toxins a day.

“For summer skin prep, I would also recommend exfoliating the body at least twice a week, then follow with an application of a deeply hydrating oil. The body responds better to a body oil rather than a body cream in the summer due to an increase in heat and higher levels of dehydration.  For a summer glow, an application of self-tan will further enhance the look.”

After the body has been covered up during the winter months, everyone wants to achieve a cared for look in the shortest space of time. But Noella told us: “Perfecting your summer skin isn’t about panic taking up gruelling gym sessions last minute– rather, it’s simply about working a little more self-care into your beauty routine and making small, effective tweaks to your skincare, and your lifestyle. Working these in little by little you’re more likely to gain long-term benefits.

Launched in 1993, waxing innovators HIVE® of Beauty have been at the forefront of the waxing industry since the brand’s inception. 

Hive Wax

David Sneddon, Operations and Marketing Manager at HIVE®  told us why he thinks it is important to prepare your body for summer. He said: “Apart from never knowing when the good weather may make an appearance, it is important to prepare your body for summer due to the many changes the season brings. The most obvious being the change of clothing with areas that have been hidden during winter on show suddenly exposed. In addition, it is important to not only make them look the best they can but also to take care of them as they are exposed to the warmer conditions and the sun, ensuring that skin remains hydrated and moisturised by using after wax treatment products.”

David highlighted the importance of prioritising and timing treatments for when you want to have the full effect. If a client is going on holiday on a specific date, waxing treatments can be done a week to 10 days beforehand, giving time for any after effects to settle without having hair growth showing.

He said: “Also, having waxing done will aid further treatments such as tanning, creating a smooth even surface to apply fake tan or even just to aid absorption of the natural sun resulting in an even, consistent appearance”

We wanted to find out whether it is more beneficial for clients to wax rather than shave, and if so, why? David said: “There are numerous reasons why waxing is more beneficial than shaving. First and foremost, waxing is a skill which is undertaken by a professional who has trained specifically to offer you a safe treatment and excellent results. Whereas shaving is far more likely to be done at home by the person themselves. The actual fundamentals of waxing provide a far more effective method of hair removal as the hair is taken from the root, whereas shaving will only ‘cut’ the hair, meaning a far more noticeable growth, far quicker. Continued investment in product innovation by HIVE® ensure that there is a perfect wax for everyone regardless of hair type or skin sensitivity, with waxes even designed to excel in particular treatments such as HIVE® Sensitive Hot Film Wax which is revered for its results for intimate waxing.  In addition, shaving comes with risks such as cuts or nicks which could even result in some scarring, this is a particular concern in sensitive areas or those that will be on show.”

As you can see, there are plenty of ways which will help your clients to feel body confident this summer. One tip which most of our experts highlighted, it is important that you naturally look after your body too. Remember to keep a balanced lifestyle, eat and drink healthily and summer body products can work hand in hand alongside this.