Your Sugalane

In a competitive industry, it’s vital that your salon stays up-to-speed with the latest trends and client demands. As consumers are seeking to create different looks at a lower cost, synthetic hair has taken the industry by storm. In this exclusive editorial, we explore the opportunity to enhance your salon’s offerings and attract a new client base with premium synthetic hair brand, Sugalane.

Having a remarkable transformation can take the salon experience to new heights for a client, and hair extensions offer this opportunity to create a dramatic difference. However, when working with human hair, it can be costly and unrealistic for a client’s budget. This is where Sugalane is your salon saviour!

Introducing Sugalane, here to revolutionise everything you thought you knew about synthetic hair. Expertly crafted by a team who have worked in the hair extension for fifteen years, Sugalane have striked the perfect balance between affordability and quality. Sugalane extensions offer a budget-friendly option without skimping on premium quality.

Sugalane stands out from others in the industry as they have been designed with salons in mind. The range follows a traditional hair extension colouring system, which means a client who usually has a colour six in human hair will most likely also have a Sugalane colour six too! This means if your client with human hair extensions, needs a quick fix for their holiday, you can cater to this with confidence with the premium Sugalane synthetic hair range.

The range is mix and match, so can be tailored and tweaked to perfectly fit each client. Rather than having to purchase full sets in different colours, which is costly and wasteful, with Sugalane, clients have the chance to mix and blend their perfect set.

To help market your range, we have created an approved salons list, which will bring potential clients through your door who are looking for the Sugalane experience. Here clients can use your expertise to be colour matched, with purchasing at an approved salon discounted rate.


How can Sugalane elevate your salon?

Offering an affordable alternative.

In the current economic climate, now, more than ever, clients are seeking affordable ways to still experience a salon transformation. We’ve seen the rise in low maintenance colour treatments, now your salon has the chance to offer an affordable alternative to high-quality hair extensions.


For the natural client

Clients who seek a more natural look will often overlook hair extensions. But by offering the Sugalane premium synthetic hair range, you are providing an option for clients who prefer to be more natural day-to-day, but might want to elevate their look for a special occasion. What’s more, for clients who want to give their natural hair a break from extensions, Sugalane’s range means they can have this break without a knock to their confidence by going completely extension free.


Take the look from 0 to 100

When you are offering bridal, prom or any special occasion hair. Having Sugalane by your side gives you the opportunity to take the transformation to new heights. Give your clients the WOW factor.

Additionally, explore our training and educational resources designed to empower your stylists in the art of working with synthetic hair extensions on our website.

Sugalane is the ultimate tool to elevate your salon. You’re not just adding a product to your salon, you are showing that your salon can cater to the evolving needs of your clients. Your salon, your style, your Sugalane.