YouTube’s male vloggers now more influential for male grooming trends than football heroes

male vloggers

Image: Robin James of The Utter Gutter

As 2014 was the year of the meteoric rise of the YouTube star, with young female vloggers such as Zoella and Tanya Burr releasing sell-out books and cosmetic lines, a new survey has found that men are joining teens in their droves online in the hunt for grooming inspiration.

The new research, taken from a survey of 1,000 British men by Fudge Professional to celebrate their recent sponsorship of London Collections: Men, discovered that a growing number of men that are turning to YouTube stars for inspiration and advice.

More than one in 10 men over 25 now cite vloggers as their biggest inspiration, with only actors still ahead in terms of the most copied hairstyles with 14 per cent of the vote. Famous sports stars, whom for many years have been the biggest influence on the fashion and grooming choices of men and boys, are now only looked to by nine per cent of men for hair styling inspiration.

Notable men’s lifestyle vloggers like Jim Chapman (fiancé of beauty vlogger Tanya Burr), Robin James of The Utter Gutter and Andy Samuals are now regularly racking up hundreds of thousands of views on their videos.

While Fudge Professional’s research shows that under 24s are the biggest consumers of these videos (17 per cent of men under 24 cited vloggers and bloggers as their main source of style inspiration), it also unearthed that 12 per cent of 25-34 year olds agreed along with eight per cent of over 35s, so it’s clear the reach of these online influencers now goes beyond the teen audience.

Male grooming expert and vlogger, Jules Heptonstall, commented: “Long gone are the days of watching the match and following it with a mo-hawk bleach, now the web offers an emporium of video tutorials in how to get your desired ‘do’ and get sartorially slicked from the comfort of your own bedroom. From pomades to pastes, combs to quiffs – you name it, YouTube it, watch it, style it. It’s a totally new way of grooming education.”