4 Steps To Creating Loyal Clients with Vish

A returning client is a profitable client if you play it right. You don’t need to spend time and money thinking up new ways to get their notice. But you do need to deliver beyond their expectations, so they come back, happy to spend more money, more often and bring their friends. So here are four tips on how to go from first visit to client for life.

1. Know Your Client

Loyalty begins when the client feels valued. POS technology has made it easier to build relationships, triggering birthday emails, personalised rewards, and storing reminders for future visits. Now colour technology takes it to the next level. Vish is a colour management system that gives you a complete client colour history, down to exact amounts used, recorded automatically as formulas are weighed. Stylists will never again worry about having to find time to write down formulas or fret about quantities. Instead they can build client confidence by delivering the same beautiful colour each time.

2. Keep Them Colour-Keen

The benefit of excellent colour records quickly becomes evident when they spark ideas on how to subtly change colour and avoid stagnation. A client might not realise that dissatisfaction is actually boredom rather than bad service. So checking back over previous combinations allows a stylist to avoid repetition and keep the client excited about them, the salon and, most importantly, the colour.

3. Charge Fairly

Price matching with the competition isn’t the answer to keeping clients. They would much rather you were transparent and fair in how and what you’re charging. That’s only possible if you can itemise the exact cost of their colour, something that can be easily done through Vish. If they require more colour than is included in the menu price, Vish allows you to be transparent about amounts used while also showing how you’ve minimised waste. What they don’t want are arbitrary sums added or deducted as you battle to keep costs down and secure profit.

4. Don’t Let Them Down

Clients understand that stylists might be suddenly absent, but if it means they can’t get their hair done when they planned, it can cause attrition. It’s much better to offer an equally well-trained substitute who can step in and deliver the exact same colour service rather than cancel an appointment. The client might be disappointed not to see their favourite stylist, but by using Vish the substitute will easily be able to replicate the formula and achieve the same high results, boosting their loyalty even more.


For more information on how Vish can help you create loyal customers, visit www.getvish.co.uk.