5 Ways To Reduce Stress In The Salon With Vish

Hairdressing is one of the best careers in the world, consistently ranking high in job satisfaction surveys. You get to make people feel good about themselves in a way few other professions do. But dealing with clients in a fast-paced environment, especially when they have colour, can have its downsides, contributing to stress and anxiety. So the team at Vish put together some ideas on how to minimise stress in the salon:

Excel at time management

Delivering the best service in a limited time does ramp up the pressure, but ongoing education and agreed salon procedures will make it more manageable. A great way to speed up your service without sacrificing quality is by ensuring easy access to client histories and formulas through Vish. Rather than searching through computer or card records, Vish will store your client’s formula in the system forever. 

Cover with confidence

Stepping in to deal with the client of an absent colleague can be stomach-churning, especially if there is no clear history available of previous formulas.  Rather than guess or ask the customer to reschedule,  Vish allows stylists to check the client’s record for the exact formula and quantities. . Every salon and every stylist wants to deliver seamless service, and Vish makes that possible even if the client’s favourite stylist is off sick. 

Talk the talk

Communication with clients, colleagues, and managers helps iron out problems that can build up stress. It can be difficult, especially when you feel the pressure, but bottling it up doesn’t help. Keeping a professional, positive tone will help with team relationships, while good consultations help lessen the risk of upsetting a client, especially if you have all past technical services easy to access on Vish. When a client mentions she preferred the colour achieved two appointments earlier, Vish will show you the exact formula used so you can talk knowledgeably rather than rely on guesswork.

Keep climate anxiety at bay

Worry about the environment has heightened anxiety for many, especially younger stylists. Guilt over waste – be it plastic or colour can affect mental health. But the arrival of Vish, which has massively reduced waste in the industry, is something positive stylists can embrace and talk of proudly to clients. 

Push money worries up the line

You know what your client needs and you should be free to deliver without worrying if they will quibble over additional charges. Vish captures every product used – even toners and conditioning treatments – and triggers alerts to the PoS. Either the reception team communicates any add-on costs, taking the onus away from you, the stylist, or, if there is no receptionist, you are able to show each itemised cost during checkout. 

There are many flashpoints in life that lead to stress and anxiety, but Vish will help lessen the drama of colour in the salon, leading to confident stylists and happy customers..