A Comb Capable of ALL!

Detangle, Style and Colour with FlipComb Pro

Even the most talented of hair stylists feel like they need another pair of hands now and again. Lighten the load by using the comb that can do the lot! The Knot Dr®‘s FlipComb Pro, AVAILABLE NOW!

Designed to detangle and style, FlipComb Pro offers so much more to busy hair salons, stylists, and colourists. As well as the legendary detangling prowess of the The Knot Dr® , the FlipComb Pro is perfect for sectioning hair and working with colour.

Bring extra definition and texture ot highlights by using the FlipComb’s innovative wider wave teeth. Section the hair and apply the desired colour, then smoothly and with minimal effort comb the colour through as required.

For those clients looking for a stunning full colour, simply flip the comb to provide outstanding and very importantly, even colour distribution from the root to the tip, with the perfectly spaced fine-tooth profile.

Clients will love the results that are created, whilst stylists will love the lightweight design and soft rubberised finished. The FlipComb is the one hair tool that can increase productivity and improve workflow with minimal fuss. Letting the talent concentrate on creating!

Did we mention no more cleaning up? A simple wash will be enough to have your FlipComb clean and ready for the next client. No scrubbing colour from paddles or pads, no pulling strands of hair.

  • Truly a comb capable of ALL!
  • 2 in 1 comb: detangle and style
  • Section hair easily
  • Shock resistant ABS body
  • Durable design
  • Dual wave teeth
  • Lightweight
  • Soft rubberised finish
  • Suitable for professional and home use

Knot Dr® FlipComb Pro is available from all good wholesalers and from www.theknotdr.com