A pleasant experience

As we gear up for summer, more clients will be walking through your salon doors to book a intimate waxing service ready for their holiday and this is the perfect opportunity for you to deliver a comfortable experience to encourage them to continue booking this treatment.

The waxing experts from HIVE® of Beauty are on hand to share their advice on delivering a seamless and pleasant waxing experience.

1. A calming welcome

Your client might feel slightly anxious, especially if this isn’t a treatment they have regularly. To put their mind at ease, talk them through the treatment step-by-step before you start. The more they know about the treatment, the products and the steps the more comfortable they’ll feel.

2. Products to alleviate pain

Make their experience as painless as possible by using products designed to alleviate wax pain. Make sure you explain the products you’ll be using and their affects, so the client knows you are making the service as comfortable as possible.

Cleansing is an important step in any waxing treatment. Hair follicles open when waxing, leaving them vulnerable to bacteria. Benefiting from the natural antibacterial properties of organic Juniperberry Oil our SuperBerry Blend Cleansing Spray effectively removes deodorant, make up and body oils prior to waxing, creating an hygienic beginning to any professional waxing treatment.

Applying a lotion to the treatment area after will help to soothe any reaction from the skin post-treatment. HIVE® SuperBerry Blend After Wax Lotion is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that soothe and moisturise as it glides on to a client’s skin after waxing.

To offer that extra level of client care, some therapists choose to massage an oil, such as HIVE® Pre & After Wax Soothing Oil just before applying wax to the treatment area. This creates a thin barrier between the skin and the wax, helping prevent wax adhering to the skin, which in turn eliminates any uncomfortable skin tugging.


3. Know your products

For waxing, it isn’t a case of ‘one product fits all’ and to achieve the best result and have the most comfortable client experience, you have to choose the right type of wax. For intimate waxing we recommend a hot film wax. As you are treating an intimate area the skin is naturally more sensitive so you should select a formulation that has been designed especially for these treatments, such as HIVE’s Sensitive Hot Film Wax Block, formulated to have an excellent grip on strong, stubborn hair growth and containing plasticides to help maintain flexibility and aid easy removal, thus causing less discomfort to the client.

Alternatively, we recommend HIVE®’s Brazilian Hot Pellets, perfect for the hot wax requirements of Brazilian or Hollywood waxing styles. Providing beauty professionals with an easy method of measuring and decanting the wax required for smaller treatment areas.

Both formulations are vegan, paraben-free and designed to wrap around only the hair as they set, reducing skin trauma and providing a gentle and smooth hair removal action.