ACT to launch new e-learning tools to improve hairdressing standards


The Ambition Centre for Training (ACT) is continuing its work at the forefront of creating certified education for hairdressing with the development of new online systems that aim to push up training standards in the industry.

ACT’s education programmes give salon owners flexibility to train their assistants in practical skills while relieving them of the burden of theory work. Its new qualification-level materials, due to be launched in the early summer, have been developed to be interactive yet comprehensive which, according to ACT director Lynda McGivern, “is vital to encouraging fulfilment of training requirements.”

As keynote speakers at major e-learning conference, Assessment Tomorrow, which was held recently in Edinburgh, McGivern and fellow ACT director Isabel McKeown revealed their latest innovations and how they are driving e-learning and online assessment within salons and schools.

“It is important that other sectors and educators see how hairdressing is advancing innovative systems that will benefit young people,” says McKeown.