Adam Garland at LFW AW23 for Authentic Beauty Concept

Adam Garland, international session stylist and Authentic Beauty Concept (ABC) Global Advocate led hair teams for four key shows at LFW AW23.


Adam creates Hair Stem at Collectedworks

Adam kicked off the weekend with a unique design inspired by jewellery presentation of Collectedworks at the Frieze Gallery. The presentation went beyond fashion with art installations that included stunning glass work, an element of which Adam recreated in the hair = the twist in the stem of a vase and a glass.

The finished look was modern and fresh to enhance the silhouette – not too done – as if the model had pulled the hair back herself but with attention and time.

Get the Look:

  • Prep roots with ABC Enhancing Water, Flawless Primer and Salt Spray.
  • This allows any root movement to be moved into the right direction without creating hold.
  • Pull hair into a low pony making sure the hair is pulled horizontally not down.
  • Tied off with elastic with excess ends on the elastic.
  • Cover the tail in Hydrating Jelly Mask to give texture.
  • Rope twist, secure ends and pull back on itself – secure with excess elastic.
  • Finish with Hand & Hair Cream to add more depth.


Eudon Choi debut with Hair Cuff

For his first Eudon Choi show, Adam and his team created a selection of super simple low ponytails and worked with 25 models’ natural texture to create a pared back sophisticated look. These perfectly complemented the collection, hinging on a melding of past and present, with design features inspired by age old craftmanship.

Several of these looks were then finished with the Eudon Choi star hair accessory which Adam set just above the ear to create a Hair Cuff.


Get the Look:

  • Prep hair using ABC Enhancing Water
  • For those with curly hair Adam used Replenish Spray Conditioner and Balm to bring curls back to life with a natural finish that is still touchable.
  • Create a rough centre parting and then pull hair into a super simple low ponytail, pulling a little bit of texture out.
  • Pull hair over the ears, again letting a little bit of detail fall free
  • Finish by adding the accessory to sit in the hair on top of the ear creating the Ear Cuff.


Sword Play at Yuhan Wang

A collection celebrating women’s resilience, leadership and activism demanded a strong, striking hair look, based on Kill Bill and entitled, “The Woman Who Came Back” which Adam duly delivered.

He says, “Yuhan and I discussed the idea of the strength of a braid and I also know she likes big volume to the hair so I needed to find the sweet spot to include these elements.”


Each model had a left-handed side braid so this meant preparation of 22 colour matched braids prior to the show – each enhanced by ribbon. As they were individually hand-made, this allowed Adam to bring a rebellious element to each one by cutting and razoring..


Get the Look:

  • Prep hair with Nymph Salt Spray and Amplify Mousse (unless hair is extra thick or coarse), saturating the hair to ensure maximum penetration of product.
  • Create a cornrow behind the left ear – this will be the anchor for the majority of the look
  • Backcomb the rest of the hair in three panels – left, top section and remainder.
  • Attached the colour matched braid to the cornrow with elastic.
  • Use the left panel to cover the cornrow, adding Airy Texture Spray and Nude Powder Spray to create structure. This gives strength and toughness to what could otherwise be considered a romantic look and avoids the finish look being too “queenie”!
  • Take everything on the right-hand side and back and roll into the cornrow. If her is layered or too thick this will still work but needs flexibility and adaptation on where it sits. On some models there were two or three rolls. Adam says, ‘It was fun to explore placement depending on the texture, but I was always conscious of the overall silhouette and the need for continuity.”
  • For the final top section this again depends on length, texture, fringe – which gives freedom to create an individual finish for each model.
  • Final finish all looks with Working Hairspray to stop the look being too pretty – keeping with the essence of resilience and independence.


Blow Your Mind Couture at Asai

With Asai returning to LFW after a three year break the clothes were always going to make a statement and Adam’s hair followed suit. Long conversations between him and designer about how the hair was going to reflect 22 completely individual looks. Some of the hair reflected the silhouette of the looks. Again, continuity and individualism are brought together. With several models the Polly Scott print was utilised on a piece of stocking, as though the model had thrown on a headscarf with hair pieces escaping. Further styles referenced the 2015 Eve ft. Gwen Stefani Let Me Blow Your Mind video.


Get the Look (with printed stocking)

Chose a section/panel to leave out – individual to each model (their fringe or side area, for example)

With the remaining hair create a very tight and clean ponytail using Working Hairspray

Layer more hairspray on the ponytail but avoid the left-out section/panel.

Place the stocking over the whole of the pony and add Strong Hold Hairspray to hold in place by diffuse drying.

Then cut away the excess stoking following the perimeter around the hair line.

The remaining panel is now brought up and over the stocking, section by section, spraying roots to ends with hairspray, again diffuse drying into place.

Finish with a flat iron to create a spike.




Authentic Beauty Concept

Enhancing Water

Flawless Primer

Salt Spray

Jelly Mask

Hand & Hair Cream

Replenish Spray Conditioner

Replenish Balm

Airy Texture Spray

Nude Powder Spray

Amplify Mousse

Working Hairspray



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