Award-winning technology supports menopausal challenges whilst boasting pain-free, non-invasive results

“We are so proud of the astounding results we are seeing with the award-winning BYONIK Pulse Triggered Laser; our clinic and therapist partners and their clients are seeing tangible, pain-free skin rejuvenation with zero downtime using the BYONIK patented technology whilst also enjoying a great return on investment. The BYONIK leads the way in clinical innovation, managing skin health for healing and protection, whilst promoting and stabilising optimal barrier and regenerative function. It is the world’s only system that repairs skin at a cellular level, locks in hydration, and works with the client’s pulse to provide a personalised treatment ensuring ultimate skin health and functionality. This cutting-edge German technology is single-handedly changing the way in which we treat various skin concerns and support our clinical partners in bringing their business to the next level.” – Teresa Da Graça, Founder & CEO Pure Swiss Aesthetics Ltd

Menopausal skin symptoms such as fragile skin, loss of volume, dryness, irritation, rosacea, inflammation, and hormonal breakouts can all be part and parcel of peri and menopausal skin concerns. However, the BYONIK Pulse Triggered Laser patented treatment provides the ideal clinical solution for a truly personalised and reparative skin rejuvenation method that targets and works within all layers of the skin to recharge cellular performance incorporating ground-breaking laser technology with Hyaluronic Acid and Antioxidants. The BYONIK is designed to disrupt and dismantle the glycation and oxidation process, repair telomere fragmentation, improve antioxidant status and powerfully reduce cellular inflammation. Throughout the treatment, the patient wears a pulse oximeter sensor that catches the cell at its most bio-active and bio-receptive moment. Once the cells are receptive, they get flooded with a triple boost of energy, hydration, and nutrients penetrating all layers of the skin. With zero downtime, redness, or risk, the treatment is clinically proven to provide long-term skin rejuvenation and is especially beneficial for menopausal skin conditions.

Skin concern and BYONIK support

Thinning, Inert Skin

A combination of Laser and Hyaluronic Acid Gels work together to increase the skin’s 

resilience and improve long term hydration levels and cell function.

Loss of Volume

The BYONIK method offers three Hyaluronic Acid density percentages to increase volume, definition and minimise the appearance of ageing skin.


The Laser anti-glycation effect works to “free” elastin fibres, whilst the bespoke gels create a space-keeping effect, reducing wrinkles and preventing further glycation in the future.


The BYONIK method, utilises a combination of non- toxic, non-thermal laser & Hyaluronic 

Acid gels, to target inflammatory skin concerns, whilst reducing trans- epidermal water loss.

Hormonal Breakouts

BYONIK offers several protocols which provide a calming and reparative effect to reduce inflammation, as well as anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-candida benefits which work to support and normalise the skin’s microbiome.

Increased Skin pH Levels

Increased pH levels can exacerbate the effects of menopausal skin concerns. The BYONIK 3-step cleansing process effectively prepares the skin for treatment, whilst respecting the skin’s physiology, thus not disrupting, or further increasing the pH levels.

BYONIK clinical trial data

  • Photons absorbed directly by Mitochondria (Laser chromophore) which achieves an increase in ATP
  • Protein synthesis – triggers cell proliferation & migration, growth factors, inflammatory mediators & tissue oxygenation
  • Epithelial cells become more mobile, allowing wound sites to close more quickly
  • Ability of Macrophages to act as Phagocytes is enhanced
  • Promotes metabolism of oxygen
  • Increase in vasodilation equals increased availability of oxygen to cells which equals greater traffic of immune cells
  • Reduction of Collagenase (enzyme which destroys Collagen)
  • Enhanced cell-to-cell communication, which is specifically abundant in Fibroblasts
  • 90% Patients listed a specific improvement in skin softening
  • Increase in micro-circulation
  • Upregulation in MMP’s for enhanced wound healing & tissue repair
  • Reduction in cell death (& preservation of Telomeres)
  • Stem cells are activated allowing for tissue repair and protection
  • Ability to reduce the negative effects of UV – both as prophylaxis and post-treatment
  • Stimulates angiogenesis (new blood cells) & a reduction in Fibrosis (particularly in NIR 806nm)
  • Overall increase in oxygen/nutrient transport, ATP production – leading to enhanced fibrocyte productivity levels, electron transport, nitric oxide release & signalling pathways


This treatment delivers the ultimate in healing and repair and is particularly effective for skin symptoms associated with Menopause. The utilisation of triple Hyaluronic Acid

offers a real boost of moisture penetration, locking in hydration within all layers of the

skin. A unique peptide booster is also included to promote the formation of further

Hyaluronic within the skin, providing long term, deep hydration, and a reduction in

trans-epidermal water loss.

As well as the hydrating effects from Hyaluronic Acid, the application of the ingredient Ectoin – an extremolyte micro-organism – provides instant healing, repair, and anti-

inflammatory benefits. The molecule starts to wrap and coat the skin cells in protective covers, helping to repel environment stress factors and topical or systemic irritation and

provides cellular stabilisation, preventing proteins, nucleic acids, and bio-membranes

from denaturation and unfolding. Overall, the BYONIK Ecto Repair Treatment is

beneficial for anyone suffering with compromised or inflamed skin, to provide instant

calming, healing, and repair benefits.