Great Lengths has launched a documentary, lifting the lid on the world of hair extensions.

The captivating documentary, BEYOND HAIR EXPECTATIONS, was developed as part of two documentary series – Vision 2045 of The Economist, and Innovation and Disruption Leaders of CBS News.

The documentary tells the tells the story of the the family-run business, which has been defining excellence in the world of extensions for over 30 years. In the 9-minute film, viewers learn more about the production process, including the way hair is sourced and how the company achieved it’s prestigious B-Corp Certification, as well as insights from the brand’s salon partners and ambassadors, including James Henderson, owner of the multi-award-winning M Hair Extensions in Nottingham, and Great Lengths’ global Little Princess Trust Ambassador.

The storytelling is supported by dedicated footage and a collection of short interviews, which aim to provide insight into both the hair extensions industry and the work undertaken by Great Lengths. In particular, the focus of BEYOND HAIR EXPECTATIONS follows the brand’s sustainable and innovative production process, as well as the main ethical values of the company.

The documentary is available on and as part of the documentary series launched by TBD Media Group: Vision 2045 and Innovation and Disruption Leaders. You can also view it on



The role of business in addressing climate change is at the heart of Vision 2045. Designed to inspire businesses and people to take collective action to ensure a better future, the campaign picks up on the sheer scale of the task facing humanity, while also highlighting the impact that ambitious business leaders can have in meeting these challenges.


Innovation and Disruption Leaders

Break today’s status quo to improve tomorrow’s decisions. The turbulence of recent times has driven the market to adopt increasing agility to facilitate dynamism in trade on a global scale. This series showcases the leaders and businesses who have adapted and modernized their strategies to respond to the current instability.


The interviewees:

Fabio Massimo Antonino, CEO of Great Lengths SPA SB

Marco Mattiacci, COO of Great Lengths SPA SB

Anita Lafer, CEO of Great Lengths Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Rossano Ferretti, luxury hair stylist and Great Lengths Ambassador

Nikki Lee & Riawna Capri, celebrity hair stylists and founders of Nine Zero One

James Henderson, hair stylist and owner of M Hair and Little Princess Trust Ambassador