Boo! This one’s for you…

Charlotte Paradise @paradise.nailsandbeauty is lending a hand this month as she walks us through a ghostly nail design, making it easy for you to create this October!

Charlotte has loved working within the aesthetic and beauty industry for the past eight years: “I decided to take the plunge and start my nail business last year after Lockdown 1.0. Lockdown gave me lots of time to practice nail art and perfect different techniques giving me the confidence to start my carrier as a nail technician and artist.”

Charlotte told us that her favourite nail art designs are always on a natural/sheer base: “I love taking classic or trending nail art designs and adapting them, creating something bespoke for my clients. I chose this design because multi-coloured French is always super popular with my clients so by adding in some spooky friends, I know this will be a hit with my customers this Halloween.”

Product list:

I have used my favourite gel brand The Gel Bottle.

I used TEDDY BIAB as the base colour – it’s the perfect base to all nail art in my opinion. I get through bottles of it a month!


DAISY (White)

EXTREME SHINE TOP COAT – for the super high shine.

Liner brush

Nail Prep – Navy Pro Tools

Cuticle oil – Naf stuff

Charlotte’s top tips:

  • Give yourself as much time as possible. The worst thing when doing nail art is feeling rushed. It can show in your work so slow down and book out enough time.
  • Prep is key – a smooth and even base to work over will make your life much easier when it comes to nail art. It will also help you clients’ gel mani last longer.
  • To achieve perfect smile lines with a French manicure I would recommend investing in a good fine liner brush. I use The Gel Bottles Fine Liner Brush and it’s the best one I’ve tried.
  • Practice! I try to practise new designs on myself or a friend before offering it to a client. Practising beforehand allows me to perfect my technique so I feel confident and I am always happy with the final result.


I started by prepping the nails ready for a builder gel infill. Firstly, I file the nail to the preferred length and shape. I then push the cuticles back and remove any tissue from around the nails with cuticle nippers. I then buff the nails and remove the dust with a dusting brush. Leave the nail clean and ready for gel application.


I then proceed to infill the nails with The Gel Bottles TEDDY BIAB. BIAB aids in strengthening natural nails, helping them to grow and also prevents chipping and lifting! This helps my clients gel manicures last over threeweeks! In all, I apply two layers of BIAB curing for 120 seconds on low heat. This is then wiped with acetone and refined if need be.


Next, I used my fine liner brush and JET BLACK from the gel bottle to start on the French tips. Everyone has their preferred method for this, so just go with what feels most comfortable for you. Once you’re happy with the shape, cure for 60 seconds.


I then went in and started to work on the snake. I started from the ring finger and moved onto the index finger making sure to follow the same lines, this makes the snake flow over the two nails smoothly. I then used DAISY from The Gel Bottle to paint the ghosts. I used a dotting tool for the head and a fine line brush to paint the body. Once I was happy with the designs, I cured for 60 seconds.


Next, I got to work on the fine details, I used DAISY from The Gel Bottle to create the scales and the eyes of the snake. I simply joined up crosses along the snake’s body to create the scales. I then finished the ghosts off with JET BLACK, adding in eyes and a mouth. After adding in a couple of stars I cured them for 60 seconds.


Once I was happy with the design, I applied The Gel Bottle’s Extreme shine topcoat to complete the look. The shine off this product is insane and makes nail art POP. I filed around the free edge of the nail to sharpen and perfect. Finally, I apply my favourite, Naf Stuff Cuticle Oil. This aids in nail health and smells amazing!