Bright and bold

Manic Panic Ambassador, Verity Clarke, showcases her signature colourful style using the brands innovative new sized pots.

We all want to ensure that the products we stock in our salons and use on our clients are a true representation of our beliefs whilst offering the results we are looking for. Manic Panic has led other creative colour brands for the past 45 years with their sustainable, ethical, and economical message. The iconic semi-permanent ranges were extended in 2022 when Manic Panic UK introduced their newest range, the 8oz High Voltage pots.

The new Manic Panic 8oz pots contain the same pigmented, vegan and highly conditioning formula that has been available for 45 years; however, this time we’re experiencing it with double the amount and even more benefits for you, your client and your salon. October 2022 saw the 8oz pots’ first hair show debut at Salon International. Manic Panic UK ambassador, Verity Clarke took us through the steps to creating one of her vibrant creations at the show and tells us what it is about the new 8oz pots that she finds so beneficial for herself and her business. 

  • Section the hair into four quadrants, then divide the front two quadrants in half vertically. Add the back halves into the back section.
  • Section out a money piece at the front, then clip the money piece and front sections out of the way.
  • Section the rest of the hair horizontally into 4 even sections.

Back Section:

  •   Begin by applying Voodoo Forest to the entire bottom section and lay flat with cling film applied on top. (Cling film should be applied between each section)

Use the end colour of your previous section as the root colour for your next one.

  • Apply Voodoo Forest to the root of the second section and smudge in Enchanted Forest through the mid-ends.
  • Apply Enchanted Forest to the root of the third section and smudge Venus Envy through the mid-ends.
  • Along the top, apply cling film across the edge to isolate the coloured hair and stop any contact with the uncoloured front section. 

Front Rainbow Section:

The front rainbow section is created using the 3 primary colours (pink, blue and yellow) – it should be red, but pink just looks prettier – and blending them together in the hair to create the secondary colours (orange, purple and green).

  • Divide into 6 horizontal sections.
  • Starting with the bottom section, apply Electric Banana at the root and halfway down the length. Apply Hot Hot Pink to the bottom half of the section. Using your fingers, gently blend the colours together in the middle third to create an orange. 

Lay each section flat and away from the face with a meche sheet between each.

  • Repeat the same process for the next section using Hot Hot Pink for the root-mid and Atomic Turquoise for the mid-end. Blend the centre to create purple.
  • In the next section, repeat using Atomic Turquoise at the root-mid and Electric Banana at the mid-end. Blend to create green.

Continue this process using these Manic Panic shades until the section is complete. 

Money Piece:

  • Apply Electric Lizard to the Money Piece to tie the whole look together!
  • Process for 30-45 minutes, then rinse carefully with cold water to prevent the colours from running. Rinse the back section thoroughly first while holding the rainbow section out of the way, then add the rainbow section and continue to rinse well.

Manic Panic is a conditioning colour so there is no need to condition it, but you can if you’d like to.

 What I love about the 8oz pots:

Well, who doesn’t love getting a bit more for their money? At the Art House, we like to be big and bold – and these pots certainly do both.

My favourite thing about the new 8oz pots is that you can use a larger brush to dive straight in – no decanting into bowls, less washing up and less product waste and water.

I have a lot of clients with long and/or thick hair so we often go through several pots of colour during their appointment. The new larger pots mean we don’t need to keep nipping off to open ‘yet another’ pot of colour so they’re a huge time-saver.

The 8oz pots offer better value for money, so you can pass those savings on to your clients; use the savings to invest in your salon!