Capture the sunset

Follow this easy step-by-step by nail salon owner and Halo VIP, Charlotte Atwill, to create the perfect beach sunset nail design. Charlotte’s creation was inspired by her favourite place to visit this time of year. This nail art look is designed for clients going on holiday or looking for a bright, eye-catching set for summer.

Product List:

Halo Create Combo Ombre and One Stroke Brush – For creating a perfect blend with gel polish.

Halo Create Combo Long Fine Liner Brush – for fine detail and art.

Featuring colours from the new Arabian Nights Collection – Bliss, Palace, Fortune and Jewels.

Also featuring – Black, French White, Santorini, Primrose, Velvet Top Coat, Non-Wipe Top Coat and Halo Clear Acrylic Powder.

Introducing Halo –

Pure Nails offer a huge array of products, from Gel Polish, acrylic, Poly Gel and the new Jellie tips. The brand has quality products at competitive prices, there is something for every nail professional! Pure Nails are now offering Hema Free Gel Polish with a new and improved formula for highly pigmented and easy application gel polish.

Step 1 – Using the Long Fine Liner Brush, apply Bliss, Palace and Fortune in lines at the top of the nail, leaving all uncured. Then go in with the Halo Combo Ombre Brush and lightly stroke side to side, up and down through the colours until they blend seamlessly. Wipe your brush in between strokes, once you are happy with the blend, cure and repeat the steps for the perfect blend and cure again under the Halo lamp.

Step 2 – Apply Jewels to the bottom of the nail, this is going to be the base for the sea.  Leaving uncured, use your Long Fine Liner and gently run Santorini through Jewels to create a reflection through the water. Once you are happy, cure in the Halo lamp.

Step 3 – Use a dotting tool to create the sun and cure. Using Black and the Halo Fine Liner, create a line between the sunset and the water, then start to draw the palm trees. Draw two lines for the trunks, then start to place the branches hanging down, use your fine liner to create bushy palm leaves. Once you are happy, cure in the Halo lamp.

Step 4 – Apply Halo Velvet Top Coat and cure.

Step 5 – Using Halo French White and your Long Fine Liner Brush, draw some waves to create some depth, leave uncured and sprinkle Halo Clear Acrylic into the white gel and cure in the Halo lamp.

Step 6 – Brush off any excess acrylic, then use the Halo Non-Wipe Top Coat, cover the sunset and palm trees, and use your Long Fine Liner Brush to add some shiny waves in the water to create the reflection and give the effect of moving waves. Cure in the Halo lamp to complete the design.

Top Tip – When blending the colours, gently swipe side to side going down the colours. Always wipe your brush when you get to the bottom colour before going in again, this avoids any unwanted colours seeping together, keeping the blend clean and flawless.