Christmas in the Salon

December is here and all we can think of is goodbye to a year that flew by before our eyes and hello to the crazy but special period that is Christmas! This time of year always comes with buzzing and enthusiastic energy amongst the frantic atmosphere as we try to cram all of our Christmas shopping into one or two trips, and see as many friends and family as possible all whilst working our normal hours or for some, even more. 

During December it’s fair to say the salons are nothing but busy! This time of year offers an opportunity for clients to treat themselves and others around them but with that also comes the opportunity for the salon owners and hairdressers within the salon too! As the December pages of your appointment book become full, it’s the time to start thinking of the ways in which you can make your client’s festive experience within your salon one to remember whilst boosting your takings!

There are many activities and events that take place during this time, these can include the annual Christmas party all the way through to New Year’s Eve, not to mention Christmas day itself. People enjoy getting pampered in between the usual hustle and bustle, so it’s important that as a salon owner you are prepared! To help us along the way, Manic Panic UK Sponsored Artist and salon owner, Emma Pullen has answered a few questions about this time of year within her own salon. We will be exploring the ways in which Emma utilises her salon facilities and what extras she can do to make the final month of the year one to remember!

How do you find working as a professional stylist and salon owner within the Christmas period?

Personally, I love Christmas because everyone is in such good spirits; going shopping, giving and receiving presents, and this doesn’t change in the salon either. I love the hustle and bustle of the busy festive period and I love making people feel their best for their Christmas work do’s, family meals or just making them feel happy. This year so far hasn’t been any different, we are fully booked for December and more and more people still want appointments.

During the Christmas period, I feel that I work best as I thrive off of the busy environment! My team are just the same; as a stylist, you long for this rush and Christmas is the one time of the year when everyone really spoils themselves.

Is there anything that you do particularly differently during this period compared to the rest of the year as you find it helps both your clients and your staff?

We offer a cancellation list for the Christmas period although we do have one that runs throughout the year, however, the Christmas list has a higher turnaround and people tend to want to be put on it more often. This ensures that anyone who cancels or would like to shuffle their appointment around can and we don’t lose out on revenue.

We also find the little touches around Christmas are really beneficial. These include the Black Friday sale which we change every year but are predominately run on products and bookings. We usually have some great deals on our retail at this time of year too as these make the perfect Christmas gifts!

We also like to ensure our clients feel special so we like to give them a Christmas card each year to thank them for their custom. In the card we include a small £10 off voucher; this is great for ensuring they know we are thankful for them. Its little touches like these that go a long way.

How do you keep the pressure down within the salon so your staff feel as much at ease as they can?

I try not to let my staff overbook themselves. Extending the salon opening hours keeps the pressure down and allows the team to work the extra hours if they wish to or stick to their usual rota. We try to keep the salon atmosphere at 100% throughout the whole year but at Christmas, we make an extra effort. We want people to come and relax and get away from any stress caused by this busy time of year and just pamper themselves. So we offer an array of festive drinks and nibbles to our all clients; some days I’ll put a spread on for my staff too to make sure they eat on our busiest days!

If you you’re just starting out with growing your business, how would you utilise this time of year to make it beneficial for your business?

Christmas is THE perfect time to expand or start out. If I was setting up a new business, I would plan ahead for December by making sure that I had offers in place: space, products, retail and something that would give my clients an incentive to want to come back. This could be something like a ‘recommendation to a friend offer’ or discount off of their next service.

Creating an amazing portfolio for your work is key. We have gained so many new clients through our social media because we make the effort to ensure we are present on our platforms. I believe that if you take the time to capture the perfect picture, your following and client base will respond massively. A social media presence is something that needs to be in place before you open, you need to be able to create hype about your brand. People need to WANT to come to you and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to do this by showcasing what you have to offer.

Christmas is a busy time for everyone, but what do you love about the salon during this festive time of year?

I am literally Buddy the Elf reincarnated! I love having all of the decorations up and offering our clients a nice warm hot water bottle throughout their service to keep them toasty. I love how this time of year really picks up the mood and how happy people are. But in all seriousness, when it comes to the salon, I love having a busy and thriving environment. After a long stressful year (which I’m sure has been many business owner’s year) it’s nice to have that one final slog that makes it all worth it!