Client Conversations with Liz McKeon

When considering client communication and conversation, there’s lots of areas to think about. It’s so important for nail and beauty professionals to deliver great customer service when speaking to clients on the phone. Sometimes, clients will phone to make their first initial appointment at the salon, and therefore making a fantastic first impression is so important – you cannot redo a first impression. Nail and beauty professionals should answer the phone quickly, accurately and professionally and should be friendly at all times. They should ensure all of the client’s questions are answered adequately and that they have been booked into the salon easily and smoothly. If you are unsure how to answer a question the client has, never ask them to just ‘just phone back’, as this can result in the loss of a potential client and show unprofessionalism. Answering questions and solving problems promptly, with a friendly, conversing using the client’s name during the conversation and showing interest will create an impression of warmth, concern and trust.

Alternatively, clients will use your online booking platform to secure their first appointment. That’s why it is important to consider the software provider you work with and ensure the system works for you. The iSalon Software, iBookings platform is user-friendly and one I would recommend looking at to help automate your booking process. 

During the appointment itself, you should explain the procedure thoroughly to the client. Lifestyle is another conversation you may want to have with the client, e.g. for nails in particular, the client may not want their nails too long in length should these get in the way of their lifestyle. You should also discuss client concerns with the client. e.g. for nails, should a client have nails that break easily, you may want to talk to them about how they can avoid this with the use of cuticle oils or using a builder product on their nails. By doing this, you are listening to the client’s needs, building trust and providing the client with a fantastic service that will have them returning time and time again. Once you finish the service, always ensure you have asked the client if they are happy with their treatment and ensure you have their contact details on file to maintain that open line of communication between appointments. With iSalon software you are able to send out personalised emails and texts to keep the conversation going with the client. 

When it comes to speaking with clients over text/Instagram/social media, much like on the phone, you should always ensure you are professional and friendly and that you respond to the client using their name to make the message more professional. 

On social media it’s so important to be proactive, as this is where many clients go for a quick response. Have someone on hand at front of house who can answers messages quickly and efficiently, ideally within one hour of the message coming through. This will make an instant excellent impression on the client. Ensure to always reply positively and be transparent.