Creative Colour Mixes we Love

Why just stick with one colour?

Directions gives you the freedom to create and experiment with a huge variety of blends and colour combinations.

These are a few of our favourite combos
There are so many ways to mix up your palette, but knowing where to start can be a little overwhelming. Do you go for a careful composition of shades that naturally complement each other, or rebel against the colour wheel with a clash of light, dark, bright and bold?

With 46 mixable colours in our collection, the possibilities are endless. So, for a little inspiration, we turned to the Directions community — you never fail to stand out with all kinds of scroll-stopping styles.


Be RED-y for all occasions with any of our red shades. With choices of orange undertones or pink undertones, you’re sure to have a creative time creating unique mixes with these colours.

If you’re feeling inspired by our most floral range, then get mixing like our stylist above! Using a ratio of 3/4 Pillarbox Red and 1/4 Vermillion Red, we hope you’re just as obsessed with this result as we are.

Having a split decision between two colours? Then a split dye is the perfect look for you to get the best of both worlds.

This combo works with complimentary shades, or for a more daring look you can choose contrasting tones. If you’re feeling the complimentary vibes from our stylist above, you can achieve this split dye using Deep Purple on the left and Turquoise on the right.

As our fruitiest range of them all, mixing our orange shades together will be sure to give you the juiciest results for every single season.

So, if you love orange but can’t find the right shade for you, then take some inspo from our stylist above! Using 1/2 Apricot and 1/2 Fluorescent Orange, this combo is sure to warm up any look.

Unleashing your inner artist is something our stylists aren’t shy of amongst the Directions’ community and it’s safe to say it’s a trend we can’t get enough of!

If you’re lucky enough to model a buzz cut daily, then here’s your sign to give-in to temptation and get some inspo from the look above. You can achieve this using Carnation Pink for your base, Ebony for the outlines and Fluorescent Orange for the centre.

Blending isn’t for the faint-hearted. So if you’re up for the challenge of melting your colours together, then we recommend practising on a lock of hair first or some spare human-hair extensions.

Once you have the art of blending down, then take a leaf out of our stylist’s book. Using Violet at the roots, then blending into Atlantic Blue, finally melting into a mix of Flamingo Pink with Violet. Make sure to make the mix before applying!

Feeling adventurous?

Colour blends are always a surefire way to refresh your look and get you experimenting with new styles. Often, it’s the combinations that you’d never dream of that you end up loving the most.

Combining multiple colours is simpler than you might think, but make sure you follow these seven golden rules before you get started.

1. Check the colour wheel
If you mix colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel, they will cancel each other out. For example, mixing green with orange will create a dull brown.

2. Test your colour ratios
Before applying throughout your hair, mix different quantities of your chosen colours separately and see how they look with individual strand tests.

3. Prevent colour bleeding
When applying multiple colours, make sure you keep separate shades clipped up and out of each other’s way.

4. For the split colour look

To stop them from blending together, apply your colours separately and follow each individual set of instructions.

5. Apply your colour from the roots down
For best results, always start at the roots and work your way down to the ends of your hair.

6. Keep it clean between colours
Always wash and dry your hair separately between applying each shade.

7. If it’s your first time mixing
We strongly recommend investing in a Mixing Bowl Tint BrushMixing Bowl and a pair of Latex Gloves to keep colour where you want it, and nowhere you don’t.

Choose your colours, get mixing and show us your stunning results!
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We can’t wait to see you shine!