Curls Made Easy

In this exclusive editorial, we explore Maria Nila’s Care & Style range, expertly crafted to cater for clients with coily and curly hair; with formulas designed to hydrate, define and condition curls for improved strength and texture.

The curly hair community is a significant and growing segment of the hair care market as approximately 35% of the global population have varying degrees of curly or wavy hair.

Seeing the increasing trend of taking care of natural textures, concepts such as the curly girl method and curly journey has boomed in both beauty forums, social media and among professionals.

Inspired by industry trends, Maria Nila enters an exciting phase for curl innovation by launching their new care line: Coils & Curls. Designed to easily wash, hydrate and define textured hair. Expanding their Style & Finish line with five new products crafted to activate lifeless curls with lots of definition, shine and hydration.

The Products

CO-WASH: As textured hair naturally lacks moisture, this hair type needs gentle washing products to keep the moisture in the hair. This conditioner wash gently cleanses and conditions the hair and scalp, leaving it soft yet clean thanks to low pH and gentle ingredients. Therefore, this product covers both shampoo and conditioner.

FINISHING TREATMENT: This rich finishing treatment masque provides deep nourishment and hydration and leaves the curls silky smooth, defined and full of shine. Use after co-wash, either as part of the regular washing routine or as a treatment when needed. As the Finishing Treatment will close the cuticle, there is no need to finish with conditioner.

OIL IN CREAM: A thick and rich cream that easily melts into the hair and provides deep nourishment, conditioning, and curl definition. The butter and oils in this formulation will soften and activate upon application.

WEIGHTLESS CURL DEFINER: This gel will condition the hair, while keeping it soft and frizz-free. Suitable when aiming for a light weightless hold and bouncy curls.

LUSCIOUS CURL DEFINER: This rich styling gel will provide deep moisture and definition, that will give a medium, buildable hold. Suitable when in need of a stronger hold with lots of controlled definition.


Curly Girl Approved

The trend started as an approach to hair care for natural curly and textured hair that hasn’t been chemically straightened. The Curly Girl Method is all about enhancing natural curls and keeping a healthy hair care regime, that discourages the daily use of products that are considered too harsh for curly hair.

This latest range offers a unique retailing line for the curly hair community which is now sharing their personal experiences on social media showcasing what works best for their curls.


To be Curly Girl Approved, no:



Drying Alcohol


Certain Mineral Oils