Meet MYKITCO, the brand that put the “fun” back in functional. Founded in 2015 by celebrity makeup artist James Molloy and partner Alex Thompson, MYKITCO offers a range of high-quality makeup brushes, bags and accessories with unique designs that make application and organisation easy!

Since launching the launch, the brand has succeeded in capturing the attention of industry greats across the globe. We now harness an incredible community of respected artists from Val Garland, Ettiene Ortega and Sir John, painting some of the most iconic famous faces with their trusted MYKITCO brushes.

“We wanted to create a makeup accessory brand that really spoke to the artist whether professional or simply a makeup lover” says Alex.

“We design everything ourselves from start to finish” says James Molloy, who ensures only products he would personally use in his makeup kit get produced.

With over 150 skus in their lineup, MYKITCO offers something for everyone. Discover all the ways you can get your kit together with MYKITCO today.  |