Eastern promise

Cosmetic brand OUD Milano has boosted its global footprint, with new branches launched in the middle east region.

Launching its first store in Milan, marking the birth of a matchless brand with an exciting brand story in Italy and around the globe, OUD Milano is moving ahead on global expansion efforts. It has recently opened new branches across the Middle East, and the company also plans to add a new outlet to its network of branches across Europe.

The Managing Director of OUD Milano Brand said that “Opening new branches by OUD Milano is a natural outgrowth of our strong customer base we enjoy in Europe and the Middle East region. Fusing our presence in this region helps to react more hastily to the customers’ needs. I am confident in the future of OUD Milano products, as we continue to nurture our partnerships with customers, at a global manner.”

Starting its journey from Milan, the capital of fashion, OUD Milano is a leading Italian brand of cosmetics, make-up and skin care products, offering safe and effective beauty products along with face and body treatments of the best quality, produced to delight women of all ages. The wealthy Oriental secrets of beauty are the guiding principles to OUD Milano’s journey of innovation and a source of inspiration to its philosophy.

Since its inception, OUD Milano has focused its capabilities to one goal: Beauty. To help a woman to express her personality, realise self-assurance and embrace a beauty brand that is inspired by what a woman aspires to in her real life. OUD Milano is producing easy-to-use essentials to capably shape the framework of a woman’s beauty.

The rapid expansion of OUD Milano isn’t slowing down; the company has been introduced across the Middle East in a record time in 11 countries with over 60 flagship stores in less than a year. OUD Milano anticipates relentless growth and success by giving the modern woman fresh collections of high-quality and value-priced products.

OUD Milano is devoted to discovering and importing the secrets of oriental beauty arts. Whether it is the vivid spice market colours of Indian pigments, the latest super-lush eyelashes from Dubai, calligraphy inspired from Japanese brushes, new botanicals from Korean laboratories, luxurious fragrances from Arabian oils, or skin healing elixirs from the Levant, their fabulous and fresh brand of authenticity is relevant to today’s look, but comes from a whole new direction and inspiration. The East is the source of their creativity with its rich and diverse notions of beauty, and collaborating with the trendsetters ensures their ideas of beauty keep pace with today trends, fashions and techniques, and in the process win ambassadors that appeal to the millennial generation around the globe.

OUD Milano launched, alongside their extensive cosmetics and beauty products, a set of natural products relying on plant-based ingredients, to connect the modern woman with the force of natural beauty. They include oils of Cocoa Butter, Moroccan Argan, Tea Tree, Black Seed, Olive, Avocado, Castor, Lavender, Grape Seed, Jojoba, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Aloe Vera, Carrot Seed, Rosemary, Lemon, Coconut, Basil and Lemongrass. Each Essential Oil will be available in 100ml Main Bottle, 100ml Generic Bottle and 15ml Tester Bottle.

For more details please visit oudmilano.com or connect on social media at facebook.com/oudmilano, instagram.com/oudmilano, twitter.com/Oudmilano.