File with e’s

Willow Academy are E-File specialists. In an exclusive interview with the brand’s founder, we share their ethos, details on breaking the E-File stigma and their aim to offer the best quality pieces with knowledge to match to supply their customers with confidence.


Please introduce us to Willow Academy and the idea behind the brand.

I was that nail tech that held my nail file like a badge of honour. I had previously had bad experiences with E-Files and therefore was proud that I did it all manually. My training taught me how to use an E-File but I didn’t have the background knowledge. Willow began by accident when I became an educator. I wanted to teach E-File and pass on my misconceptions of this amazing tool that had transformed my business with, but I wanted to know more about it first. I also discovered that the kits available at the time were sparse, full of the same kinds of pieces and poor quality. This is where my research started, I contacted many suppliers, ordered samples, asked them about the difference in qualities, finishings, how they were made, from what materials, what the various coatings meant, and I became hooked. 


What are the benefits for our readers stocking/using your products in their line of work?

An E-File has a huge benefit to your body and your overall health. Due to the repetitive action of using a hand file, it can and will over time create RSI. For those who are not familiar this, Repetitive Strain Injury is the result of years of being in the same position and creating the same action. This can be prevented with the use of an E-File or it can be relieved for those who are already sufferers. Due to the rotations of an E-File it eliminates the need to vigorously file using “arm action”. You just need to guide the bit, following the nail from cuticle to free edge in a slow stroking manor and the rotations and the nature of flute formations will remove and reduce product without you having to work up a sweat. Basically, the machine does the hard work for you.

The other benefits are longevity. Due to being able to carry out much more thorough prep, you are creating a better foundation which will increase the longevity of your product. The longer your clients’ nails last, the happier they are, and the less work you will need to do when it comes to infill.

Probably the biggest benefit is the cost comparison. Using e-file in place of traditional methods such as hand filing and soaking saves you both time and money. For example, let’s look at the time difference between E-filing off product in comparison to “soaking”. Soaking off gel polish can take 15 minutes from start to finish. To remove with an E-File it will take less than half that amount of time.

Tell us about your product range and how it stands out from others on the market?

Testing, Testing, Testing. We order hundreds of samples when it comes to deciding which bits to stock. We always make sure that we are ahead of the game, we test hundreds of bits to find the best for our Willow Family and if we don’t love it, we don’t stock it. Everything has to pass a tough quality test. Our collection currently consists of 82 amazing E-File pieces which have been trialled and tested by myself and the Willow Team. 

How can salon owners to stock your products? 

Head over to our website and order direct. If you’re not sure what to go for just take our “Which Bit Quiz”.