Flash dance

Offering affordable advanced hair removal services via a free trial and pay-as-you-go rentals, salons all over the UK are discovering the business benefits of the Program E>O IPL system 

Having stormed the consumer market with its affordable at- home IPL device, advanced beauty company E>Swin is set to do the same in the professional arena with its new pay-as-you-go salon package.

With aesthetic services on the increase and rising numbers of clients turning to IPL for long-term hair removal, the market is ripe for salon owners. However, thanks to the high investments costs behind most IPL and laser machines, it’s been impossible for many salons to upgrade to new technology. That is, until now.

Step forward E>Swin’s professional Program E>O system, an innovative product that condenses cutting edgy IPL technology into a compact easy-to- use device. Promising to be “completely harmless” – even on tanned skin – the machine uses regulated electronic flashes of light energy conducted in real time – meaning therapists can treat a wide variety of skin types and body areas.


But the system’s real USP is that it’s available via a monthly leasing system with no long-term binding contract. Salon owners are offered a one-month free trial to see how well accepted the service is by clients before committing to any payment. The process is quick and hassle free while salon owners are able to sign up online or talk to one of the company’s experienced members. Once salons are booked on to training and have completed the online course, they will then be ready to use Program E>O. They simply choose when they want the machine to be delivered and they’ll then be up and running within 14 days. The company even recommends a pricelist of treatments for each salon – taking the hard work out of number crunching.

The list has been calculated using average market prices and reducing them by 50 per cent – therefore client prices will be

alf the price of the usual IPL services, making its salons even more desirable options for clients. Despite the cut- price, the company says salons that go ahead with the lease will see returns on their monthly investment after just four treatments.

Monthly payments

Following the monthly trial salons are free to send the machine back at no additional cost. However, if they’ve experienced demand and would like to go ahead with renting the machine on a month-to-month basis, they pay a single refundable deposit of £1,500 along with a £195 + VAT per month lump sum or £6.50 + VAT per day. During the initial trial period, salons receive free accessories and consumables as well as a marketing starter pack to keep. And best of all, ongoing maintenance is included in the cost so there’s no breakdown fees to worry about.

“For the first time, a company has invested in not only permitting beauticians access to the latest generation of IPL technology but, above all, without any initial costly investments or long term  commitment,” says founder Yves-Vincent Brottier. “In conjunction with this, we’ve implemented a strategy to help them generate more customers without any extra hassle: a large-scale publicity campaign in the national press and access to medical professionals who’ll be available online through their daily practice.”

With that in mind it is no wonder the company is becoming such a big hit with salon owners and therapists. So if you’ve ever wondered about the potential of IPL in your salon but didn’t want to take a risk, now’s the perfect time to discover the business benefits.

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