Germaine de Capuccini has developed a more effective alternative to traditional vacuum therapy which offers even greater results!

It’s understood that one of the best ways to mobilise fat, reposition volumes and facilitate drainage is to massage the skin and underlying tissue. 

Vacuum Therapy – is one of the most effective therapies most used in aesthetical medicine to decrease cellulite and localised fat. It offers multiple aesthetic and therapeutic benefits and it’s a completely natural, non-invasive therapy. 

Now for the next stage, introducing new Sculpt Zone – an exclusive digital technology with dual action push-pull effect. Maximum three-dimension action effectiveness that directly restarts the lipolysis process to liberate ‘trapped fat’, reposition the tissue and exert a powerful draining action. Thanks to its push-pull digital technology it combines in a single head the simultaneous action of two techniques, vacuum therapy and pressotherapy. This fusion of technologies offers a simultaneous suction-compression technique for deeper tissue mobilisation and a more intense and effective massage. 

This revolutionary technique allows Germaine de Capuccini, to carry out mechanical mobilisations of high intensity on the tissue at different levels to produce numerous aesthetic benefits which include: 

Smoothing orange peel skin, reduces stubborn fat, remodels contours, improving circulation and therefore the quality of skin. 

Sculpt Zone can adapt perfectly to different and any area of the body, in order to treat in a selective and precise way, the problem – working on stubborn areas. 

In terms of reducing stubborn fat, Sculpt Zone works selectively and intensively on the lamellar fat layer, to reactivate the natural elimination process of fat cells in these areas. 

Cellulite affects many women, meaning that fibrous septums are created which compress the adipocytes, making micro circulation difficult. With its powerful defibrosing action, Sculpt Zone helps to mobilise and eliminate these accumulations whilst activating blood circulation. This of course can help eliminate toxins, facilitating drainage and relieving the signs that cause fluid retention to achieve an immediate sensation of wellbeing. 

There are also numerous factors which impact body flaccidity: loss of tone and suppleness, ageing, drastic weight changes etc and there are also more areas of the body which are more susceptible to this: the inner thighs, arms, abdomen and buttocks. Therefore, Sculpt Zone works at the dermal level with action being taken on the muscles to redefine contours and reposition volumes, improving the skin’s support structure. 

This revolutionary new machine has four programmes: Lipo Reducing, Localised Fat, Remodelling and Draining with a wide scope of movement to include: linear, waves, spiral, torsion and lifted torsion. Such differing movements can be reduced or increased to adapt to the preference of the client.

Germaine de Capuccini is delighted to offer such a unique and bespoke treatment, as Sculpt Zone offers the combination of different programmes within the one treatment, for example: cellulite can be tackled before the reduction of localised fat and drainage on a differing area of the body. 


Established in 1964, Germaine de Capuccini is responsible for some of the most important breakthroughs in skincare technology and remains, to this day, one of the world’s most important skincare brands, holding true to its original values of professionalism, quality, innovation and integrity. 

This legacy continues with the addition of Sculpt Zone, which offers a 100% natural and non-invasive technique with its three dimensional action of lipolytic, remodelling and draining which is more powerful and effective than a manual massage but also versatile and bespoke.