Get smooth with Brazilian Blowout

It’s hard to find the best products for your salon. Especially for clients who have frizzy, damaged, or treated hair; and that could include just about everyone. At Ganesha Group, we have the perfect solutions for you.

Who are we? We are the Ganesha Group, out of London, UK and we are here to announce two stunning new products that will change your clients hair forever. We carry the specific hair care line called Brazilian Blowout.

The first is the Brazilian Blowout Original solution. Because of a proprietary polymer system, the Brazilian Blowout Original improves the hair’s condition by surrounding it with a protective protein layer which eliminates frizz and smooths out every strand.

Brazilian Blowout Original works by putting movement back into hair, This gives it the most natural of looks. Even if you color-treat your hair, Brazilian Blowout will improve the condition of it by reducing frizz and giving you a radiant shine. Best of all, Brazilian Blowout lasts for 10-12 weeks when used in conjunction with our Brazilian Blowout Acai After-Care maintenance products.

The second product is called Brazilian Blowout Zero Plus. This is a no-rinse, easy to use formula which creates better curl and reduces frizz all in just 60 minutes. As with the Original, your hair is deep conditioned and has a radiant shine. As an added bonus, Brazilian Blowout Zero Plus improves your hair’s overall health.

It is especially effective for those who have thinner than usual hair or less waves and curls. Zero Plus gets to the root area of the hair for the most beautiful body and bounce you’ve ever seen.

If you’re looking to give your salon a boost and your customers a change for their hair forever give Brazilian Blowout a try. Call them on 0845 862 5110 or email