Getting personal…

j.f. lazartigue is a visionary hairdresser, and a pioneer of personalised hair care treatments since 1963.

Jean-François Lazartigue, renowned for his custom diagnoses, recommends intensive and tailor-made care for each individual hair concern. A specialist at providing expert advice for his customers, from their choice of shade in colour treatments and how they were applied, to the best way of caring for their hair.

At a time when formulations were based on technologies using active ingredients derived from chemistry, the j.f. lazartigue brand was focused on developing products with pure and highly concentrated active ingredients derived from nature. Motivated by his concern about the damage being done to women’s hair by oxidation, bleaching, and permanent colouring, he created the first ammonia and oxidant-free permanent colour: Colouring Emulsions.

Choose to be different!

The hair Colouring Emulsions, formulated to colour grey hair without oxygenated water, don’t alter the hair’s natural structure – nor do they lighten the fibre. By acting like a treatment, they wrap the hair fibre in a protective film and enter the cuticle. Resistant to shampoo, sun, chloride and sea water, they provide remarkable hold.

No ammonia means no smell, and instead have a pleasant mint fragrance. No peroxide or oxidants means no damage to the hair.

Up to 100% grey coverage means they have the same quality level as classic oxidation leaders on the market, with permanent coverage, so the colour won’t wash out in a few weeks.

Furthermore, there’s no need to mix, making it easier to use and faster. AND it is reusable. Up to three applications with one tube.

Sulphate- and silicone-free beauty treatments

j.f. lazartigue products contain less water to improve active ingredient concentration and to maximise their effectiveness. A small amount of shampoo is all that is required for optimum results. Currently, 60% of our formulas do not contain animal material or animal-produced material and 100% of our formulas are not tested on animals.

The brand is committed to avoiding active ingredient ‘nasties’ for the hair and scalp, diligently working for ways to achieve even better results, with a goal of having 95% natural formulas by 2020.

Sulphate free, the newly formulated shampoos contain a trio of non-aggressive surfactants derived from coconut. Silicones are replaced by a combination of high penetration oils for a gentle and respectful cleansing, with no artificial colours or mineral oils. The result – hair regains elasticity; its colour is respected, and the scalp is naturally soothed.

At j.f. lazartigue they prioritise and guarantee the effectiveness of their products: formulas are tested during at least 300 applications.

In addition to efficiency, they take the sensory aspect of our formulas to the extreme. Lathers are rich, abundant, and extraordinarily creamy. Masks are rich, soft, and immediately transforming. Scalp treatments are soothing, purifying and instantly refreshing.

Each of the fragrances is developed in Grasse by talented perfumers who work for Parisian couture brands.

Being vegan is not simply taking advantage of a trend; it means deepening and perpetuating Jean-François Lazartigue’s commitment to nature.

To find out more about the j.f. lazartigue brand and how to become a stockist please call 0330 1130397, or email