Going straight

Stylist Yuhei Kanda is the YUKO Europe distributor, and the owner of Yuhei Hair Salon. Salon Magazine meets up with him to find out what he loves about the YUKO system.

Salon: When did you start training as a hairdresser?

Yuhei: I was 19 years old, and had just graduated beauty college.

Salon: How many years have you been doing YUKO?

Yuhei: After graduating I joined Phiten Ltd (Yuko) – 21 years ago! I was lucky enough to work with Ms Yuko Yamashita as an assistant Academy Instructor, and worked in the main YUKO salon.

Then in 2002, I moved to the UK for YUKO London, as both salon manager and an instructor.

Salon: What made you fall in love with YUKO products?

Yuhei: When I had my interview, one of the customers was having the YUKO straightening system. I watched through until the finish, then I thought that the process was really helping customer’s hair trouble and problems, and offering a long term effect.

Salon: How long have you had your salon?

Yuhei: It opened in 2008. As well as a specialist of YUKO Straightening (of course) we also do colour, permanent wave, cuts, styling, etc. A lot of regular customers have stayed with me, and some customer relationships are over 15 years old, and they have a YUKO treatment every 6 to 9 months.

Some have moved to faraway cities – or even countries! – but still come back to me for their YUKO treatment.

Salon: How long have you been distributing YUKO products?

Yuhei: Five years now, for UK and Europe.

Salon: Do you train other salons in YUKO, or stylists that are freelance?

Yuhei: Yes we do, our training days are held on Mondays and Tuesdays.

To find out how your salon can benefit from offering YUKO Permanent Hair Straightening or Anti-Frizz Treatments, please call 020 7433 1471 or visit yuko-europe.com