Healthy Competition

Four ways entering competitions will help you to level up your skills as told by Lash Factor.

It’ll get you outside your comfort zone

Performing your craft at a competition is a completely different experience to carrying out appointments in your treatment room. For one, you can’t control your surroundings. Plus, if you travel abroad for a competition, you may not even meet your model until you get there! Although these things can cause some techs to panic, the truth is you’ll likely adapt to the situation at hand.

While many of us try to stay inside our safe, protective bubble, it’s important to venture outside of it now and then. You’ll be surprised at how your industry knowledge allows you to be flexible with the resources you have. And if things didn’t quite go to plan? Great, you’ve got a starting point to go away and grow your skills.

It’s a chance to network

Whether it’s an in-person or virtual competition, chances are you’ll be able to network with other like-minded professionals. Through connecting with others, you’ll be able to create support groups where you can share tips, advice, recommendations and more. You’ll be amazed at the knowledge you can gain from your peer’s own experiences and perspectives and how that translates to improving your own skills.

You’ll learn about new products and techniques

As well as meeting new people through competitions, you’ll likely be introduced to new products and techniques. Some in-person competitions will also host conferences, often covering innovative new methods and tips to help you up your skills; this may even be the case for virtual contests too!

Learn from the judges and fellow competitors by following them on social media. Many professionals will share lots of free online content, including product recommendations and go-to methods.

Feedback will help you to grow

Feedback is a huge bonus of getting involved. Whether it’s positive or constructive criticism, having experienced industry leaders critique your work allows you to grow and improve. At most competitions, you will probably get some useful comments from the judges, allowing you to work on specifics when bettering your practice. 

Taking the plunge and entering a competition might seem daunting at first. In fact, most of us are guilty of thinking about the worst that can happen, rather than what we can gain from the experience. By focusing on how contests can help you to grow your skills, you’ll start to see them as an essential part of your continuing professional development. 

Ready to commit?

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