Help HABB in its industry support work with the handy new collection box

habb box

Industry charity, HABB, has introduced a new collection box to help salons and spas raise money for it to continue its important work of lending support to hair and beauty professionals facing hardships.

One of the simplest ways for salons to help raise money, the Hair and Beauty Benevolent (HABB) collection box can be placed in staff rooms or on reception desks to collect spare change for the cause.

Hair and beauty businesses can take inspiration from London training academy Alan D Hairdressing who took the extra step to charge each of their models £2 for their haircuts, raising £15,000 for HABB in just 18 months.

Also thinking outside the box, Richard Ward Hair Salon & Metrospa decided to charge models at its training evenings, as managing director Hellen Ward explains, “We always need models for training evenings, and by charging £2 per model, we sometimes raise £80 a month. If all salons did this, it’s amazing to think what this could mean for HABB.”

By receiving on-going support from academies and salons nationwide, HABB can continue to support everyone who needs its help today and well into the future.

Supporters can also text a £5 donation to HABB by texting HABB14 to 70070

For more information on the HABB Collection Box:
Tel: 01737 212494;