Howard Murad launches new book on Conquering Cultural Stress

Murad Conquering Cultural Stress - Book_small

Howard Murad, MD at Dr. Murad, has released his eighth book Conquering Cultural Stress: The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Aging and Happiness.

Sharing his latest research, it explores the impact ‘over connected living’ and ‘digital dependency’ has on the ageing process both visibly as signs of ageing on the skin, but also emotionally as feelings of isolation and lack of confidence.

The motivating book combines easy-to-apply lifestyle techniques with Dr. Murad’s wealth of experience of treating more than 50,000 patients, to help manage the effects of cultural stress on lifestyle.

Key features include a happiness test, a section on symptoms of stress from cognitive and behavioural to physical and emotional, a seven-day meal plan for a stress-free body and mind, and positive affirmations to practise at home.

“Cultural Stress is having a greater impact on the state of our health than most people think,” said Murad. “The extreme dependence on digital devices, long commutes and a never ending ‘to do’ list can lead to a relentless pressure to produce and succeed.

“By taking healthy measures to eradicate Cultural Stress, we can dramatically increase the odds of unlocking our potential to look younger, feel younger and live healthier, happier and more rewarding lives.”

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