Indola: A brand with a purpose

Sustainable, High-Performing Care and Styling range: ACT NOW! By INDOLA!

As environmental awareness grows, there is an increased demand for sustainable products within the beauty industry. Brands such as INDOLA are standing for change; understanding the need for more choice, INDOLA strives to meet the evolving requirements of hairdressers and their clients. This is why they decided to ACT NOW! and developed a high-performing care and styling range, focusing on sustainability. The ACT NOW! range is vegan, free-from and includes state-of-the-art formulas with all natural ingredients.

Commenting on Indola’s Act Now range is Indola’s Global Ambassador Andy Smith, “I think that this is a great initiative from Indola and one that I am proud to be a part of. The range delivers amazing results whilst being sustainable and better for the environment. The carefully selected ingredients and responsibly sourced packaging mean that stylists can feel reassured that they are not compromising on performance whilst still being friendly to the environment and client.”

Already consisting of 12 must-have care and styling products, the ACT NOW! collection now includes 2 brand NEW products, the ACT NOW! Purify Shampoo and ACT NOW! Solid Shampoo. The Purify Shampoo has a vegan formula and perfectly cleanses and detoxifies air-polluted hair. All whilst ensuring the complete removal of environmental impurities as well as of any unwanted product residues for a clean, shiny hair canvas. The solid shampoo bar is perfect for when on the go, easily transportable to the gym, going on holiday or even camping. It cleanses your hair and scalp perfectly providing natural shine and combability whilst reducing water & plastic waste thanks to its highly sustainable format. The ACT NOW Solid Shampoo has been tried and tested and results show that the amount of uses of one ACT NOW Solid Shampoo corresponds to a 330ml liquid shampoo.  

Joining forces with Plastic Bank on the war on plastic pollution, ACT NOW! gives back to the planet by preventing 1.5 million bottles from becoming ocean plastic in the first year alone. For every ACT NOW! bottle sold, two plastic bottles are saved from ending up in the environment. 

INDOLA’s impressive environmentally product range ACT NOW! is:

  • free-from silicones & sulphate-surfactants formulas
  • free from Mineral Oils
  • free from Parabens
  • free from Artificial Colourants & Artificial Waxes
  • vegan
  • produced with up to 97% recycled packaging

The styling range uses carefully-selected ingredients to replace traditional compounds – such as silicone – in favour of natural starch and coconut oil, which are better for both our hair and the planet.

Included in the ACT NOW! Care and Styling Range: 

Purify Shampoo, Solid Shampoo, Color Shampoo, Color Conditioner, Repair Shampoo, Repair Mask, Moisture Shampoo, Moisture Spray, Setting Spray, Matte Wax, Shine Wax, Volume Powder, Texture Spray and Hairspray.

Indola’s ACT NOW! Is available to buy from Capital Hair & beauty in store and online NOW!  

For more information on Indola and ACT NOW! please visit and @indolauk on Instagram.