Introducing GKhair’s dynamic line of care products


GKhair prides itself on keeping stylists and their clients happy. The brand started with a basic ingredient that works on all types of hair and then went on to build a complete line of shampoos, conditioners, styling products and protective products that promise to combat all hair problems and even renew damaged strands. ganesha3

GKhair’s proprietary line of products harnesses a protein blend called Juvexin, which combines proteins that have been proven to rejuvenate the hair alongside peptides to deliver the benefits deep into each strand’s shaft. With regular use, the hair is softer and has less friction. This is great news for all clients because the hair is less likely to get tangled when wet or dry and is less sensitive to heat.

“The stylists that use GKhair products love them – mainly because they are so popular with clients,” says Diren Chetty, president of The Ganesha Group, which distributes the line in the UK. “Everyone is satisfied when a system of products actually works – and GKhair has created products that live up to the promised results.”

The brand has been delivering top of the line products since 2007 all over the globe. Using modern scientific techniques to find the perfect balance of ingredients, GKhair has shown that innovation and research can lead to radical improvements for every client.

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