Keep it glowing!

Why would clients want to invest in gorgeous, premium locks, to not treat it with the care and love it needs? Ola Goldsmith, Entrepreneur and Owner of The Hair Extension Group, shares her expert insights into the best way to maintain your client’s hair extensions.

Voluminous locks

Everyone wants to achieve voluminous tresses, avoid applying conditioner to your roots. The excess oils will put strain on your hair and cause it to look limp and flat, not to mention the risk of your extensions slipping from the bonds. Only apply your sulphate and alcohol-free conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of your extensions. Ola added, it is imperative that hair washing is kept to a minimum too, so the Nuneaton-based Salon Owner recommends washing once to twice a week using suitable products.

Ola has also shared her own method of easily detangling her locks, “brush your hair from the ends, gently working your way up to the root. Make sure to support the hair while brushing to avoid excess tugging on the extensions as well as the weft bond to your natural hair. This will help your extensions to last as long as possible.”

At night, Ola ensures that her sleep doesn’t undo all the care she puts into maintaining her extensions and recommends her clients to sleep with hair tied away. She said, “a fantastic way of preserving your hair for longer is to sleep in a silk bonnet. This will create a natural and protective barrier between your hair and your pillow. Retaining your hair’s natural moisture will reduce the breakage caused by friction, tangles and ultimately loss of hair.”

Regular maintenance

To maintain your extensions, Ola encourages attending regular maintenance around 8 weeks or sooner, depending on the method. All The Hair Extension Group’s technicians invite their clients back for a follow-up at 8 weeks or sooner, depending on the application method.

At around 9-10 weeks you can begin to experience matting and tangling through regular wear and tear, and this is when you would need to have the extensions removed and reapplied.

Styling your extensions

Ola encourages styling tools and products to be used as normal, however Ola and her stylists don’t recommend using them excessively. She commented, “if you wish to style your hair using straighteners, I suggest only applying heat every couple of days and on the lowest heat setting where possible and always under 180 degrees.”

Hair from The Hair Extension Group can last up to 18 months if cared for and maintained properly, using authorised stylists and professionals.

The Hair Extension Group Ltd now teach Naked Weave, Naked Locks, Tapes and Nano Ring Hair Extensions.