Lashing out for sustainability

Contributing to a more sustainable future for the salon industry are luxury eyelash brand, Vanna Lashes. If you want to do your bit to become an eco-friendly business, using Vanna’s product range may be the way forward. We’ve got all the details.

Please introduce us to Vanna Lashes and what the brand strives to achieve.

Vanna Lashes is luxury eyelash brand that offers a sustainable alternative. We allow lash technicians to carry on lashing using the finest products on the market without contributing to the crisis our oceans are facing, while their sets don’t suffer for it. Vanna Lashes products allow lash techs to be sure they’re offering a sustainable, eco-friendly, cruelty free service. Nothing, or no one should have to suffer so that clients can have fabulous lashes

Can you tell us a bit about your product range? 

We currently offering Easy Fanning and Flat lashes. Both produced sustainably, cruelty free and in recyclable packaging. We are looking forward to expanding our product range very soon, which will include a wider range of lashes, as well as accessories and must have alternatives to what’s currently on the market that fit in to our sustainable vision. As well as this, we are planning on donating a percentage of our annual earnings to 4Ocean. A charity who are on a mission to end the ocean plastic crisis. By shopping with Vanna Lashes you are contributing in many ways to fixing our world.

How does the product range fit in to the work of a salon owner or professional?

Vanna Lashes are a salon must-have. Using Vanna Lashes products in your salon enables you to provide a sustainable/eco-friendly service which will ultimately lead to attracting more clients as they are comfortable in the knowledge it’s not a service they need to feel guilty about having.

By salon owners/lash artists using and stocking your products, this offers them a competitive edge by appealing to a broader audience due to the sustainability aspect, would you agree that this then provides professionals with a USP?

Vanna Lash customers will be able to advertise their service as cruelty free, which is something that many lash brands don’t offer, and therefore neither do salons. With lash services so high in demand, we are proud to offer a unique edge, comfortable with the fact that we are contributing to a more positive future.

What made you design a more sustainable range?

I had been an eyelash technician for five years when I realised just how much single use plastic was being used.

I was working mobile so after each set I would struggle carrying all of my stuff back to the car, with a big hand full of rubbish. The eyelash pad packets, a glue ring, used tape, micro fibre brushes and sometimes an empty plastic lash tray.

I lost track of the amount of times I would give my client a spoolie for them to say “oh don’t worry I have loads of these now” not realising they can’t be reused on other clients, so they just get chucked in their hand bag to collect dust to then probably end up on the floor somewhere.

When I decided to look into things a bit further I learnt that on average each beautician throws away between 2000-3000 units of plastic per year. That would mean I had potentially contributed to 15,000 units.

This isn’t the amount of units being recycled, they’re just thrown away, which end up in landfill or in the ocean.

With the current crisis of our polluted oceans due to so much plastic waste I felt that had to come up with an alternative and could see there wasn’t one that provided good quality, were cruelty-free and offered recyclable packaging… So, I decided to make my own.