Lashing out

After being founded in 1999 with a mission to solve beauty problems by perfecting the formula for result-driven beauty products, we caught up with the team at Magnum Beauty, exclusive distributor for Blinc, to find out how the range can benefit your salon’s success.


Please introduce us to Blinc and explain what your business offers to salons.

Blinc Cosmetics is a leading US cosmetic brand that offers innovative and high-quality makeup products to salons. Founded in 1999 with a mission to solve beauty problems by perfecting beauty products. We are the pioneer in tubing technology and our award winning mascara works by forming tiny tubes around each lash for long-lasting, smudge-proof wear. Our business offers salons a high-quality and innovative product that sets their services apart. We believe that salons deserve only the best, which is why we offer top-notch support and training to ensure their success. Whether you’re looking to enhance your client’s lash game during their makeup appointments or add a new and unique product to your retail menu, Blinc Mascara is the perfect choice!


Tell us about your product range and how it can fit into the work of a professional?

Blinc Cosmetics offers a range of high-performance beauty products including mascaras, eyeliners, and eyebrow mousses. These products are long-lasting, smudge-proof and waterproof, making them ideal for your clients who want to maintain a polished look.


What makes Blinc products stand out from others on the market? 

Blinc products stand out due to their long-lasting and smudge-proof formula. They offer innovative solutions for eyeliner and mascara that are water-resistant and have a strong hold, making them ideal for active or teary-eyed individuals. Their unique tube-forming technology also sets them apart from traditional cosmetic products. The range can fit into the work of professionals such as makeup artists, actors, or those in high-pressure environments where traditional cosmetics may not hold up.


How can your product range work in line with boosting revenue in salons?

Our unique line will allow your salon to diversify and increase revenue by selling high mark-up cosmetics. We provide our salons with a very high mark-up of almost 70%. Our specially designed free point of sale stands for the mascaras and Eyebrow mousses will allow you to effectively display the items without taking up a lot of space. From experience, salons that have stocked our products have seen a strong incremental increase in revenue within 2 months.


Do you have any special offers available for professionals?

We offer salons very good margins of over 70%. In additional, we provide free point of sale stands and other marketing support.


What does the future hold for Blinc Lashes?

We are constantly launching new and innovative products. This year we have launched two new mascaras: The Ultra Volume Tubing Mascara and the Lash Extension Tubing Mascara. This year, we are also going to be launching the new Blinc Lash Extension Serum and a new skincare line.


How can our readers stock your products? 

Magnum Beauty International ( is the sole and exclusive distributor for Blinc cosmetics ( and its sister company Pretty Vulgar ( in the UK. They can be reached on or by calling +44 207 046 9709.