Mama Mio launches Fit Skin For Life campaign

This summer Mama Mio are launching a year-long Fit Skin For Life campaign which aims to educate and inspire women across the world about skin fitness and help them feel more confident in their own skin.

They have created an online Fit Skin Test to help women understand their skin and receive their
personalised Fit Skin Report. They are aiming to get millions of women their Fit Skin Report this year so they can be on the path to Fit Skin For Life.

What is Fit Skin? 
Fit skin is smooth, firm and gorgeous. It’s your skin working at its absolute best, looking its
absolute best – and making you feel gorgeous and confident. We are proud to have created a
new category in skincare: Skin Fitness.

What is the Fit Skin Report all about? 
The goal of the test is to help women work out how fit their skin is today. Your personalised report is extremely rich in content with nutrition and exercise advise plus all the know how you need to improve and maintain smooth, firm FIT skin from top to toe. Our goal is to help women feel CONFIDENT in their own skin – and really happy with their reflection in the mirror.

Your Personalised Fit Skin Report 
Give us a few hours and we will use your answers to prepare your own personalised Fit Skin Report, written for you by the founders of Mama Mio with our years of experience as beauty pioneers (and as women!). Your report is totally focused on your needs; your customised blueprint to help you get Fit Skin For Life.

How fit is YOUR skin? 
From July 1 – 14, you can have a sneak preview of the Fit Skin Test at Take the test and in a few hours, you’ll receive your personal Fit Skin Report.