Max Out Revenue

There are two ways to make more money in a salon: bring in more or spend less. If only it were that simple. With tips on how increasing your stylists’ revenue will raise salon revenue, we hear from Danny Coles, hairstylist, trichologist, and sales manager at Vish Colour Management.


What’s a Salon Without Treats?

Almost every colour line includes treatments, and they now account for more than 5% of global salon service. That figure continues to rise, so creating a formalised treatment menu that lists what’s available makes it easy for the team to introduce the options to clients throughout an appointment. Those ‘instant’ treatments can, effectively, be an introduction and lead into the higher-value versions at future visits. The goal is to get clients hooked, and the staff excited to bring in more hard cash, but just make sure every treat is charged to the client.

Don’t Rely on Retail

Stylists are struggling against cash-conscious clients stretching out visits and deserting them to buy retail online, and it’s hitting what was once a key way for the team to up their income. In many salons, retail continues to decline, but some salons have found that installing Vish colour management technology has been a game-changer. Colour technology allows businesses to introduce automated additional colour charges or even separate colour costs from the service charge and add them to the bill as a professional service fee. Within just six months of installing Vish, Tuckwell & Co’s Nottingham and Derby salons captured an extra £22,300 by charging for additional colour. It makes the loss of retail much less painful.

Charge Their Worth

Don’t be afraid to raise prices. As well as an annual cost-of-living increase and immediate product charge increases (easy to update in Vish) when manufacturers raise their prices, introducing an established protocol for promotion that is easy to communicate to the clientele helps drive up value. Promotion leads to higher charges, which benefit the salon, and a higher commission, which benefits the stylist and builds team loyalty. Celebrate the stylist’s work and never apologise for charging their worth.

Help Them to Cut Costs

Instead of repeatedly reminding your team to be more vigilant with charging and frugal with costly products, make it easy for them by automating the colour bar. Installing Vish colour management technology empowers them to master dispensing efficiency while removing the burden of remembering every formula. Vish’s integration with POS software means all extra colour and treatments are recorded and charged for at the front desk. Technology is the ultimate tool your team needs to make the salon and themselves more money.