Nailed it!

As warmer weather is amongst us, your clients need to feel fabulous from head to toe (and finger-tips). We spoke to some of the industry’s experts to find out what nail styles will be bang on trend this summer.

Jemma Porch, founder of CJP Nails explained that as the season changes so do their most popular sellers. She said: “Slowly but surely the pastels and even neon is creeping in.

“Some clients like to make the transition gradually from the deep autumnal shades and slowly ease their way to brighter shades as we see the end of spring and beginning of summer. One of our most popular colours this time of year is ‘Jazzberry’ – a rich, deep fuchsia-pink with a sparkle running through it.”

Jemma sees this shade as a good way to transition from the coppers and bronze shades without going all out at the first hint of warmer weather.

She told us that the colour of the year is coral: “Our customers are loving our soft pink and orange shades along with the more vivid corals that scream ‘summer holiday.’”

There are endless creative possibilities when it comes to nails, especially as the weather gets warmer and clients are keen to experiment with more colour. Jemma told us: “A client’s nails are 10 mini canvas’ allowing their personality to really shine through in the colour or design they choose.”

We spoke to Sammy Macdonald, also known as The Nail Guru on Instagram, to find out what kind of colours/styles are being asked for frequently as summer approaches. She said: “Warm weather is coming so a lot of our clients have upcoming holidays and events. We are seeing a lot of bright neon as well as soft pastels, and bridal clients often ask for soft pink blush nudes for summer weddings”

She told us that Christmas always sees lots of sparkly nails, as expected for that festive feel. Colour choices tend to change regularly though. Sammy said: “Last Christmas we didn’t see so much red being used amongst clients – they were opting for different choices such as blue, green and purple sparkle. Neon is always a huge hit coming into summer festival season.”

The Nail Guru told us, similarly to CJP’s Jemma, that pink and coral are always favourites as summer is on the horizon because: “They look fantastic in the sun, wrapped around a delicious cocktail. These colours are very versatile and can be worn with many different outfits making them the most popular choices.”

Our industry experts agreed that dark colours are less appealing as the better weather rolls in. Sammy added: “One look that is becoming increasingly popular is white with a soft mermaid glitter covering.”

In Sammy’s salon they offer clients a range of nail coatings, but she explained: “Most clients love to keep their own nails as long and strong as possible without the need for enhancements. We still do sets of acrylic/hard gel for those with short nails, or for a special occasion.”

Sammy told us that her ultimate summer nail look would have to be a multi-coloured neon. She said: “I have recently created this look a few times and the results are amazing.”

Helena Linsky, Co-Director at Q61, told us about a latest trend amongst her clients which is ‘ultra-long, stiletto shaped nails’, usually created with acrylic. She said: “The over-extended style is starting to become less popular, and we’re seeing many of our more trend-led clients who favoured this style over the last year, start to return to a more natural ‘sqouval’ shape and wearable length. 

“Social media is still hugely influential in setting trends. These emerge on Pinterest and Instagram, and at the moment we are getting plenty of requests for nudes, particularly warm nude shades such as tan and latte, on short, gently squared nails as summer approaches.”

Helena told us that dark shades, which are typically a winter look, were oddly a huge runway trend for Spring/Summer ’19. She said: “The catwalk colour rulebook seems to have been thrown out, and while this has definitely filtered down to our Q61 clients, generally we still see a leaning towards brighter, lighter, playful shades in summer and richer, darker, moodier tones in winter.”

According to Helena, bright white nails were a big favourite at Q61 last summer, and the requests for summer whites are just starting again – a bright white can really reflect a client’s tan and is perfect for a holiday. Although, Helena added: “When it comes to white nails, avoiding anything with a shimmer or pearl effect keeps the white looking fresh and modern, and stops it from falling into bridal territory.”

Thanks to fashion’s on-going love of all things pastel-coloured, Helena predicts that this summer, off-white shades with a hint of pastel will be very popular. To be more specific, she means bright, opaque white that looks lilac, pale grey or mint green in certain lights should be in demand with your clients. 

Helena highlighted the importance of clients embracing their unique identity and individual style, and with that in mind she said: “Nothing is out of bounds at any given time, there’s nothing specifically to steer clear of when it comes to summer nails.” She acknowledged that glitter is very popular at Christmas, but summery sparkle can be just as gorgeous and season-appropriate – “It’s all in the detail.” 

We asked Helena what her ultimate summer nails look would be and why, to which she said: “Lilac nails. It’s a strong summer ’19 shade and can be worn in so many ways. Q61’s technicians have been styling lilac nails in so many ways: very fine lilac painted tips against a clean glossy nude base and matte lilac nails worn with foil-effect nail art have been our client favourites so far. We also love a marble-effect nail art design – either pale grey or blush, on a white base: it shows that nail art can be so subtle and stylish. Combining these two looks, lilac marbled ‘veins’ on a white base is our ultimate style for this summer.”

Let us know which styles are popular with your clients over the next month via @thesalonmaguk on Instagram!