Nails Fit For A Queen

Innovators of nail art, and pioneers of all things nail-related, Nazila Love Glamour, is excited to introduce their new collection of Nail Glitz stick-on nails, perfect for Nailistas nationwide wanting fresh and funky nails with minimum upkeep. Nail Glitz is the perfect add-on for nail and beauty salons alike who don’t have trained nail technicians with nail art expertise. So, bearing this is mind, founder Nazila Malik launched Nazila Love Glamour in 2011 hoping to push the boundaries of beauty and entice nationwide followers. With a background in business and a number of successful nail salons, Nazila spotted a niche in the market for eye-catching products that would stand out from other nail brands. 

And so saw the conception of Nail Glitz; fashion-forward nails that add a touch of glamour, whatever the occasion. And unlike many of their competitors, Nail Glitz can be reused up to an astonishing four times. In addition to an impressive capsule collection of Nail GlitzNazila Love Glamour is showcasing three exclusive styles, all of which have been created using the flair and fashion know-how that distinguishes Nazila Love Glamour from their competitors.

Your Royal Highness £21.99 (Trade)

 And for a perfect accessory to the Queen’s Jubilee, why not give Your Royal Highness a try? Your Royal Highness encompasses 3D art filled with crowns and jewels. This design has a hint of leopard print which adds character to nails, thus creating a sultry look. Regal colours have been chosen to mark the most historic Royal event of the year and you can play your part by donning Your Royal Highness – certainly fit for a Queen! Or for more of an evening look, why not opt for the fabulously fashionable Bejewelled?  The black palette and contrasting gold jewels create a deliciously decadent look, perfect for the Jubilee and beyond.

Bejewelled £21.99 (Trade)

 For longer lasting results (up to 7 days) we recommend using it with professional nail glue. Salons will benefit from using Nail Glitz as it saves a Nail Technician hours of valuable salon time. It goes on in literally minutes and comes off just as fast too.