NEW – HIVE® Soothing Oil, Streamlines & Saves!

 An old favourite receives a dual action update

 A cost of living crisis, rising interest rates, and everyone looking to save money, it is a very difficult time to be a beauty business owner. Always conscious of the needs of the professional beauty industry, HIVE® have updated one of the core treatment solutions in their range, creating a dual action product that streamlines treatments and saves money, HIVE® Pre & After Wax Soothing Oil 400ml available NOW! 

 When used as a pre wax, the vegan formulation will hydrate and cleanse the treatment area, ensuring a clean and safe start. Whilst doing so, the light oil will form a super fine barrier between the skin and the wax being applied. This helps prevent wax from gripping the skin, adhering only to the actual hair. Reducing any skin irritation as the hair is removed in a comfortable action. 

 As an after wax treatment product, the dual use oil cools and conditions the skin, locking in the skin’s natural moisture for suppleness. The inclusion of Guaiazulene, known to aid in the reduction of any inflammation and redness enhances client’s comfort. Any wax residue quickly and gently dissipates as the oil is applied to the treatment area. Leaving the skin smooth, clean, and cared for! 


 HIVE Pre & After Wax Soothing Oil 400ml 

  • • Vegan 
  • • Dual action for pre & after wax 
  • • Contains Guaiazulene 
  • • Paraben free 
  • • Cleanses and soothes 
  • • Removes wax residue 

The HIVE® Wax range is available from all good wholesalers.