Privé launches in London… a chic approach to professional haircare

Privé products have finally arrived in the UK after creating a storm in the USA for over 10 years thanks to their chic presentation, herbal fragrances, eco-friendly attributes, boutique range of just 26 products and A-List celebrity following.


Conceived and created by one of America’s leading session stylists – Laurent Dufourg – and his team, the herbal products are designed with luxurious blends and nourishing formulas to achieve healthy-looking, shiny and manageable hair and in addition to their abundant styling credentials they look and smell, delicately delectable! 


Laurent created the range because, as a session stylist, he wanted to have small range of products that he could easily transport to every shoot and show but that would help him create every conceivable look.  Privé has just 26 products that can easily be “mélanges” (mixed) to have different effects on the hair – voila! The 26 product range has instantly been doubled! (To ensure everyone can utilise the art of mélange, a “Mélange Chart” is included in the product overview and can be utilised by hairdressers and consumers alike).

Secondly, it’s also great looking.  The product design is sophisticated and tasteful so it sits effortlessly alongside neutral, modern décor without being overpowering or obtrusive (unlike the “candy coloured” craze of the Noughties).  This definitely bodes well for both when


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displayed in the salon and on the bathroom shelf, thus appealing to a wide yet “grown up” audience who appreciate style and quality.


The third great thing about this range is the herbal blends that each of the products include, which are listed on the side of every product.  Ingredients like Jojoba and Lemongrass smell beautiful and work brilliantly.


To add a final piece de resistance, the range also features eco-friendly products in the form of the Concept Vert range – a sulphate and paraben-free range that is formulated with certified organic extracts.


The packaging uses a patented air power delivery system which yields twice the number of applications verses regular products AND it is reusable, refillable and recyclable . . . all factors which appeal to a green-conscious salon and consumer. The Privé range was recently included in a Vogue US feature which coined the term “modern green” to describe the new phase of eco-friendly products.


Privé products ooze elegance.  Privé products are effortlessly chic.  They work.  They appeal to Uma Thurman, Terri Hatcher, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Lily Allen and supermodel Jacquetta Wheeler.  And they look good in the salon and on the bathroom shelf.


They are a niche product in the UK market as they are a professional range with a high-end consumer appeal.  Results, beauty and style combined in an eco-friendly package.  Trés bon.