Professional Tool Brand Diversifying the Beauty Landscape

Founded by veteran nail tech and beautician Lola Ricketts, the TRIBE Professional Nail Tool-Kit contains six handcrafted and curated must-have staples for every Nail Artist and Manicurists kit bag. 

With the aim of supporting and nurturing talented individuals from all walks of life, including marginalised communities, Lola has created luxury professional nail tools that are not only affordable and accessible to all but also ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing and most important of all, sheer joy to use. 

The Nail Tool-Kit includes 3 cuticle tools, nipper, clipper and scissors. These were developed taking inspiration from Lola’s favourite tools, many of which have been favourites for 20 years and what she considers essentials for every Nail Artist and Manicurist. The full manicure range is also available to buy as individual tools.

The TRIBE Professional Nail Tool-Kit is available in three gorgeous colourways to suit everyone’s taste, including Gold, Black and Silver, and contains:

  • Cuticle Curette – super-thin edges for gentle and effective performance, buffed smooth to prevent scratching or damaging the nail.


  • Dual Cuticle Pusher – contoured with a round end to comfortably follow the shape of the nail and a flat thin end to gently exfoliate and push back the cuticle.


  • Nail Scissors – enhanced durability and control ergonomic handles for advanced performance. Especially great for those who prefer trimming over clipping; can be used for both fingernails, toenails, and nail art.


  • Nail Clipper – precise cutting and durability with a curved blade to follow the natural curve of the nail.


  • Nail Nipper – heavy-duty hand-filed, sharp blades ideal for cutting even the thickest of toenails with double spring action handles and ergonomic grip control. Please note, the nail nipper is for toenails only. 


  • Cuticle Nipper – hand-filed ultra-thin 4mm sharp blades and pointed tips designed to avoid snagging or tearing cuticles with advanced precision. Double spring action handles ensure only the slightest pressure is needed for smooth trimming.

All the tools are handcrafted from stainless steel and coated in Titanium, for optimum hygiene and longevity. The Titanium forms a barrier against bacteria providing stellar hygiene standards and safety for both the professional and the client. 

After each use, take care of your tools with the New Clean Range from TRIBE. Dust away all debris with the Dust Brush (RRP £5.95), wash in warm water using a drop of the Antiviral Tool Soap (RRP £4.95) and dry with the Clean Dry Cloth (RRP £5.95 / 2 pack). Finally, finish with a generous spritz of the Antiviral All-In-One Antiviral Disinfectant Spray (RRP £9.95) which kills 99.99% of bacteria, giving you complete piece of mind. With sustainability at the forefront of Tribe, refills are available for the Antiviral Tool Soap (RRP £6.95) and Antiviral All-In-One Disinfectant Spray (RRP £9.95 / 2 x 25ml vial).

For further piece of mind, to complement our 12-month warranty, TRIBE offer one free sharpening service for up to two tools, for a 12-month period from the date of purchase with a Nail Tool-Kit.

TRIBE Professional Nail Tool-Kit Gold Edition (£169), Black Edition (£179) and Silver Edition (£159) are available to purchase from

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