Real results

Introducing Meder Beauty, loved by skin clinics all over the world, their science-based, cruelty-free and sustainable range promises real results. In an exclusive interview with CEO and Founder, Dr Tiina Meder, we explore the innovative brand and the benefits it offers to your clients and salon alike.

The brand story 

Being a dermatologist and expert in the cosmetic safety and development of professional skin products, I didn’t plan to become a brand founder. Our story started when I discovered the Human Microbiome project and new cosmetic ingredients: peptides and probiotics.

It gave me the idea to create a professional treatment for wrinkles, safe for pregnant women as an alternative to Botox. Big brands didn’t support my idea, so I took a risk, launching an anti-wrinkles set in 2009. We didn’t have any real marketing, but despite this, the treatment was efficient enough that skin therapists wanted to offer it to their clients. Now, we offer a range of professional treatments and home care for many aesthetic concerns in over 30 countries worldwide, staying loyal to our core values: safety, efficiency, inclusivity, and microbiome friendliness.

The product range and how it fits into professional work

We support the skin microbiome with every step of professional treatments, from prebiotic and probiotic cleansing, to low-molecular active concentrates and masks, as well as protecting final skincare solutions. We also cover all main concerns and demographics. Firstly, our acne and oily skin Eu-Seb treatment, is popular with Gen Z but also women of middle age suffering from adult acne. Our Red-Apax anti-redness treatment is one of the most popular recommendations, loved by everyone with sensitive skin. The Hydra-Fill deep moisturising treatment is an ageless bestseller. Arma-Lift age-well management addresses specifically menopausal women. Finally, our unique Myo-Fix anti-wrinkles treatment called by Vogue UK “the real alternative for Botox injections” and Lipo-Oval anti-puffiness treatment helps to re-sculpt the face.

Daily care is also an absolute necessity, so our retailing collection includes everything your clients need, from cleansers to biological deodorants. Meder Beauty helps practitioners take a real “360 degree” approach to their client’s needs, easy to personalise and adapting to individual lifestyles and problems.

What makes Meder Beauty unique?

We are futuristic, offering probiotics and peptides since 2009, and epigenetic and biohacking skincare from 2018. Our range is practical, offering ready-to-use sets to make stock management easy and your investment small. We are inclusive, replacing retinol or AHAs with safe and efficient alternatives, so all of our products are pregnancy safe. Lastly, we are creative, who else offers you “invisible gloves” prebiotic hand cream or night cream mimicking 8 hours of healthy sleep?

How can readers work with Meder Beauty?

Professional treatments are the DNA of the brand and Meder Beauty account managers are happy to help find a bespoke solution for salons and clinics to best suit their client’s needs. We offer special discounts and loyalty programs to welcome you to the international Meder Beauty professional family.