Rejuvenating results

The Million Dollar Facial group have announced their Million Dollar Hair Rejuvenation as their Treatment of the Month. Out of their 14 protocols this treatment has been rising in popularity. We find out more about the results-driven treatment and the benefits it offers to clients and salon owners alike.

This treatment is aimed at anyone who is suffering with hair loss or thinning of the hair, that is not contraindicated or has hair loss caused by certain factors.

Our Million Dollar hair ampoule is a potent scalp and hair conditioning treatment to help support improved blood flow, capillary health and healthy hair growth. It provides the scalp and hair with multi nutrients to support stronger hair and stem cells, whilst working at a micro and cellular level.

The focus and results come from the micro needling which cause the production of collagen. This is necessary for maintaining healthy hair follicles. Whilst micro needling promotes collagen production in the scalp just like it does on the face, it also brings blood flow and nutrients to the scalp and induces new stem cells that support hair growth.

Supported by our hair homecare ritual, the right client selection can lead to unbelievable results.

Salon Owner of Ammua (@ammua__), Aoife has had incredible results with the Million Dollar Rejuvenation which has transformed her client’s confidence and hair. To achieve this result, Aoife’s client has six sessions, once a week.

The Million Dollar Hair Potion addresses all these issues effectively as it contains a combination of supporting ingredients to ensure good blood flow, clean hair follicles as well as ensuring the new hair has the nutrients available for strength and growth.

Hair health is affected by several main factors with the top three being,  hair follicle health, blood flow to the scalp, collagen and keratin production.


Our Million Dollar Hair ampoule contains the following:

  • Urticaria Dioica: (Nettle extract) stimulates growth and can reduce hair loss, leaving the hair shinier and healthier
  • Betula Alba Juice: Contains anti-inflammatory properties and protects the hair from harmful chemicals
  • Calcium Pantothenate: A Vitamin B5 to work within the scalp to help increase hair growth and strengthen the hair from the roots go nourish the hair follicles
  • Inositol: Naturally found in the body, can improve overall health of the hair and encourage growth

The treatment takes 45 minutes a session, RRP £80.