Relax and SOAK It In!

 HIVE® Solutions dual use manicure & pedicure range has a new addition. 

 Running a beauty business is never easy, but with rapidly rising costs for essentials such as energy, transporting and product, it could be argued it has never been harder. HIVE® Solutions’ newest product range offers a smart solution for salons looking to streamline two of the core beauty treatments without compromising on quality. 

 The latest addition to the dual use range, HIVE® Solutions Lychee & Raspberry Drizzle 400ml is available NOW! 

 Immediately cleansing and soothing fatigued or inflamed hands and feet. HIVE® Solutions Lychee & Raspberry Drizzle 400ml is a non-foaming and fast acting soak. The vibrant fragrance of Lychee and Raspberry provides an invigorating kick-start to a treatment. 

 The vegan friendly formulation is deeply moisturising and packed with antioxidants, harnessing the natural benefits of Raspberry Seed Oil and Grapefruit. The additional power of Tea Tree Oil ensures the treatment area is perfectly prepared for a manicure or pedicure. 

 The HIVE® Solutions range has been designed for use in BOTH manicure and pedicure treatments. Creating time efficient, cost effective, one product solutions for salons and therapists. The dual use and vegan friendly products offer a host of luxurious ingredients to provide a premium experience at each stage of the treatment. 

 HIVE® Solutions Raspberry & Lychee Drizzle 400ml: 

  • • For use in both manicure & pedicure treatments 
  • • Suitable for vegans 
  • • Contains Raspberry Seed Oil & Grapefruit 
  • • Harnesses the cleansing power of Tea Tree Oil 

The HIVE® Solutions range will be available soon from all good wholesalers.