Rose & Caramel is bringing retail to the salon world

Extend your customer’s journey through tanning by offering new innovative pre and post tanning products. Ensure you client is prepped ready for their next tan by retailing purity award winning self-tan removing bubble bath, this has proved to be our bestselling product to all self-tanners.

With these uncertain times ahead, we understand that salon need to make the necessary changes to increase revenue with the time limitations put upon customer treatments. Now is the time to up your client care & offer them the very best in tanning.

Retailing to customers has never been more needed.

We all know the worst part of the tanning experience is tan removal, yet the best tanning results start with the clearest of skin. Our purity range provides the easiest tanning essentials for prep & post tanning.

Purity Bubble Bath 500ml

The biggest pet hate for us spray tan therapists is clients turning up with last week’s patchy tan on! Purity bubble bath a world tan eraser that removes any brand of fake tan. Purity bubble bath- 100% colour, paraben, alcohol & perfume free meaning it can be used on all skin types with no irritation – the perfect add on to any salon also available in a shower gel or luxury foam.

Purity Shower Gel 225ml

The first of its kind for a clean & easy way to wash away your old self tan. With a fresh fruity fragrance this super shower product is packed with skin rejuvenating benefits. Leaving your skin squeaky clean & prepped ready for your next self-tan.

Purity Foam 200ml

Our luxurious soft foam can be used before a bath or a shower, enriched with skin softening ingredients & a fresh fragrance melt away down the drain.

Purity Prep & Protect 175ml
Ensuring your client gets the most out of their tan is key to a happy customer. We all know heavily oiled moisturisers are the death of a flawless fake tan – Prep & Protect is the saviour to everyone’s self-tanned skin. With 3 in 1 Hydration Mist, this oil free formula keeps your skin hydrated and healthy without blocking or breaking down fake tan. Use prep & protect before tanning by applying to dry areas such as the hands, feet, knees and elbows to ensure the perfect application of any tan. Then use as a daily moisturiser to keep skin hydrated and increase longevity of your self-tan.

Keeping your client tanned at home is a must in between appointments. The nudity range is the perfect way to keep your clients sun kissed with easy top ups whilst keeping their home clean!

Nudity is a clear tanning range which is available in a mousse, aerosol or gradual tanning water. All built in with hydration technology for super soft skin and long-lasting golden results.

Velvety is our best-selling tan for those who love a dark olive tan. It glides over the skin Like velvet, with an olive colour guide that sinks deep into the skin giving an even multidimensional tan that lasts. Velvety has the ability to take even the palest skin tones to the darkest olive colour, with a green undertone which allows layering of the product with ZERO orange tones.

For customers who struggle to find the right tone for them our tanning mousse Intensity is the perfect all-rounder. Intensity is a luxurious bold & bronzed tanning foam that glides over the skin with a beautiful colour guide that gives all skin types an even, flawless tan! This tanning foam has been purposely formulated with red undertones to eliminate dullness & brighten all skin tones. Once developed intensity reveals a deep bronzed colour replicating a flawless holiday tan!

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