Salon System Hosts Successful Lash and WaxStore Manager Education Event

Salon System, a leading provider of professional beauty products, recently hosted a lash and wax store manager education event in collaboration with Alan Howard. The event took place at Alan Howards headquarters in Southport and also its Stoke store, providing a platform for store managers to enhance their product knowledge and hands-on skills.

The educational day was expertly led by Salon System educators Ruth Atkins and Lisa Stone. The session kicked off with an in-depth presentation on the brand’s new lash direction launch, underpinned by extensive market research. Ruth and Lisa detailed the current, new, and discontinued products, addressing packaging transition challenges to ensure a smooth rollout.

Participants then engaged in a practical demonstration where Ruth and Lisa showcased the application of strip lashes both above and below the lash line, highlighting the distinct effects. Attendees had the opportunity to practice applying lashes themselves, gaining valuable hands-on experience.

The focus then shifted to the latest innovations in Salon System Just Wax range, including the introduction of the new Mojito scented wax. Lisa Stone demonstrated the application and removal process, with attendees noting the delightful fragrance of the new product.

Attendees received goody bags filled with Salon System lash and wax products, a mobile phone ring light, a branded coffee cup, and a cupcake, adding a sweet touch to the educational experience.

Salon System remains committed to supporting beauty professionals through education and innovation, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and tools to succeed in a competitive market.