Sound at Your Service

In this exclusive editorial with Sonos, we explore the importance of embracing emotional retailing and the opportunities their custom systems offer to a salon business.


As salon businesses harness the power pf behavioural economics, how can working with

Sonos help create emotions that can help drive sales?

Sonos create a sensory experience through sound, to foster an emotional connection with

customers, brand recall and loyalty. Music and sound is the foundation for creating ambiance and

keeping customers coming back for more – a recent study revealed that 90% of consumers are more

likely to revisit a business that creates a sensory experience with music, visuals and scents, and 78%

of consumers cite “an enjoyable store atmosphere” as a key factor in choosing brick-and-mortar

over ecommerce.

Why should salons choose Sonos sound systems opposed to others on the market? 

Sonos is known for delivering sound experiences that awaken our emotions. As a consumer brand,

we’ve seen tremendous success by building products that deliver immersive sound, an easy

experience, thoughtful design, and access to all the content people know and love.

What inspired you to design products for salon sound systems?

There’s demand for sound experiences beyond the home – we’ve already seen an incredible amount

of organic growth for Sonos in commercial spaces, unveiling a massive opportunity for our brand to

deliver a custom sound solution designed for businesses.

How have you adapted the sound system to suit a commercial setting?

We’re launching Sonos Pro, a new flexible software as a service (SaaS) offering that makes it

easy for businesses to deliver great sound across each of their locations. Sonos’ software

service for businesses offers remote system management, commercially-licensed music,

personalised support, and more. The service works seamlessly with a business’ existing

Sonos hardware to fill any space with immersive sound. Sonos do not yet have a date yet when this will be rolled out in the UK / Europe.

Every salon space is different, how are Sonos solutions designed to suit all room


The Sonos portfolio offers a complete listening solution for the home and beyond, with products to

suit all room sizes and listening needs. From immersive Dolby Atmos home theater set-ups to

market-leading smart speakers, connected audio components that drive third-party amplifiers or

passive speakers and our own architectural solutions for indoors and out as well as portable

companions that work wherever you take them and connect right back into the system when they

return. Most importantly, Sonos is a system. Our products work individually and seamlessly

together. They are built to easily integrate into customers’ homes and lifestyles.

How does Sonos look to evolve in the future?

We make great hardware, but it’s our platform – our software and our partners – that keeps the

system and experience getting better over time. We continue to innovate, creating unique

experiences to serve our customers, from the recently launched Sonos Voice Control that gives

customers a friction-free privacy-first control of their music and their Sonos system to our free-touse streaming radio platform, Sonos Radio. Sonos is committed to an open platform. We want

customers to listen to the audio content they want, from the streaming services they prefer, and to

control it the way they want whether it’s from our app, a partner app, touch panel or voice control.

This of course extends to partner solutions for the smart home where our open APIs allow

integrators to connect Sonos into larger smart home installations.

What is the latest news from Sonos?

Extending the highly successful Sonos Architectural line of passive speakers, we unveiled an 8” In-Ceiling Speaker with bold new sound and stunning performance. Elegant and simple to install, the 8” In-Ceiling Speaker sets a high-performance standard for architectural speakers. Providing customers with a new size option that sits discreetly within the ceiling and delivers powerful, balanced, and clear sound for those looking for a bespoke audio solution within Salon’s. The speaker is available in white for a discreet match with a wide range of ceilings and, thanks to a specially developed steel grille, can be painted to meet the customisation needs of every client.