Whether you are a hairdresser or running a beauty salon, installing a sunbed is a great way to expand your business. The wider the diversity in products and services that a salon can offer, the more likely it is to attract new customers or more revenue from existing ones. The overriding strategy for success means always maintaining a clear focus on the business, and planning all financial and marketing activities. So if you have some space in your salon, then read on to discover how it can earn you money and how to prepare for your next expansion.


The most frequently chosen option is sunbed rental, which is a low-risk investment. You simply pay a monthly rate, the amount depending on the model of sunbed you choose. We provide a perfectly prepared sunbed equipped with a new set of lamps, and you pay for delivery and installation while we cover the costs related to the servicing or repair of each unit. Finally, after 500-600 hours of use, you need to pay for re-tubing, which costs around £7 – £12 per tube, depending on the type. Remember though, by the time you need to re-tube, your sunbed should have earned you around £15 000 – £18 000. What is more, you only need 1 customer per day to cover the costs. Every customer over this generates profit for you. Therefore, if you have the space available, try our tanning services. Check out the simulation below, if you still need convincing, which is based on the number of customers per day. The tanning cost per minute is about 50p, with each session lasting approximately 18 minutes (for UV tanning lamps meeting the EU regulation of 0.3 W/m²). The calculation also takes the variable costs into account (i.e. electricity, lamp consumption etc.).


Check that any sunbed you are about to rent out is thoroughly prepared, fully refurbished, and in perfect technical and visual condition. We will equip it with the best quality UV lamps from the world`s leading manufacturers. Additionally, to ensure what you offer is even more attractive, we can install two types of lamp: tanning & collagen-tanning, for an extra dose of rejuvenating red light. Sunbed rental is a great opportunity to expand the range of services offered by hotels, gyms, as well as by hairdressing and beauty salons. The two greatest advantages are the minimal financial outlay and the almost no risk of financial loss – because you only need 1 customer per day to cover the rental costs. But there are even more benefits!


You can always buy the sunbed you hired – the price for the unit is specified in the contract, with no additional or hidden costs. If you are concerned that this would be too high as a one-time cost, you can opt for the “rent-to-buy” option. By simply adding a small amount to your monthly rate, the sunbed will be yours in 2 years! These additional amounts start at £10 per week for each unit, and depend on the model you decide to rent.


Tan Empire offers everything you need for your tanning business. We have gathered the world`s best brands under one roof, so that you can see, compare and choose what will best meet the expectations of your customers. We maintain a wide range of high-end products and always have lamps available in stock. This is backed up by a sales team that is always happy to help and guide you through the whole process of developing your services. We can answer all your questions, explain everything to your satisfaction and help you to choose the best solution. Our knowledge and experience in the tanning business are there to aid you in achieving your new goals. At Tan Empire, we know well that situations can sometimes change very dynamically. This is why we are flexible, so you can always negotiate a change in sunbed or in the terms of the contract. Do not hesitate, contact us to learn more about what we offer. We are always happy to assist you.