Sublime new-look Ancient Ambiance luxury candles launch for A/W & Christmas 2012

London-based luxury niche brand Ancienne Ambiance, purveyors of superbly fragranced products inspired by ancient times, relaunch their exquisite signature scented candles for Autumn/Winter 2012. Special edition Christmas Candles will also be unveiled with the new-look. Known by the cognoscenti for producing superior quality, hand-poured luxury candles, Ancienne Ambiance’s exciting developments feature new packaging and branding to their signature candles and updated fragrance formulations. Sure to impress Ancienne Ambiance’s already firm following, it won’t be long before the home fragrance world’s best kept secret will be attracting even more.

Ancienne Ambiance Scented Candles

As the first niche brand of its kind in the UK recreating scents from ancient recordings, Ancienne Ambiance’s elegantly presented gift-boxed candles are created with the finest natural fragrance blends sourced in France. All packaging is crafted in the UK and each hand-poured candle is produced in the UK, incorporating a slow burning beeswax blend and lead-free wick. Founded in 2004 as the ancient-themed luxury consumer goods brand of the world’s leading Ancient Art gallery online,, it is not surprising that the candles caught the eye of a select clientele, with Vogue’s Plum Sykes declaring them:

“The most beautiful perfumed candles to burn in your home. I even take them with me when I’m travelling”.

Having expanded offerings in recent years to meet client demand, the brand has kept its exclusivity, but the core remains the signature Ancienne Ambiance candles, which have been enhanced and updated.


The New-Look Ancienne Ambiance Scented Candles

Ancienne Ambiance’s philosophy still holds true 8 years on and the new-look is very much reminiscent of the original vision.

“Customers tell us they choose our candles because they are special; gifts which aren’t available everywhere and that there really is nothing else like them. With this in mind, we wanted to give back more to our clients, without making too many changes, but offering more product value with a refreshed look”, says Director Adriana Carlucci.

The new-look signature Ancienne Ambiance candles come presented in new larger glasses with elegant gold design (inspired by the original logo), allowing over 60 burning hours of fragrant ambiance.

Signature gift-boxes, inspired by the purple colour worn by Roman Emperors, have also seen changes to detailing and finished with luxuriously textured paper to make each beautifully presented purple gift-boxed candle feel like ‘pure luxury at your fingertips’.

Ancienne Ambiance’s extraordinary natural fragrance formulas, for which the brand is particularly known, have also been subtly tweaked to give a stronger, yet not overpowering diffusion of fragrance to the home. See the six signature fragrance details listed below.

Special Edition Christmas Candles

Two Special Edition Christmas candles, ‘Navitatis’ and ‘Black Phoenicia’ arrive in November 2012, just in time for Christmas gift giving. Beautifully presented in black versions of the new-look Ancienne Ambiance glasses and black textured gift-boxes with purple detailing. See the fragrance details listed below.


Assyria – Orange Blossom Candle: A classical pure orange blossom fragrance:

floral and fresh. The orange blossom flower was a symbol of eternal love and

fruitfulness from the Middle Eastern origin of Assur and used by the Sumerians.

Considered a treasure of the Middle East, this fragrance was thought to combat anxiety,

fear and unrest with its soothing and uplifting properties.

Persia – Rose & Jasmine Candle: Red rose and jasmine – two of the most prized

florals of the ancient world have been blended to create this candle. The Persians had an

extravagant taste for fragrance, with many Persian kings sharing it amongst their court

and concubines. It was said that King Darius III kept hidden chests filled with these fine


Romana – Amber Candle: A dry and soft aromatic, this fragrance has natural

amber tones with powerful diffusive character. Ambergris resin was favoured by Roman

Emperors and was considered rare and costly, found cast upon the seashore. The

fragrance trade created an incredible frenzy in Rome, and the Romans used it with

indulgence. Rome became the centre for perfumers who supplied the entire society,

including senators and mayors, with divine blends of amber scents.

Aphrodite – Cypress Candle: Greek goddess of beauty, love and fertility,

Aphrodite was believed to have been born of the foam of the sea, on the coast of Paphos

in Cyprus. This island was well known for cultivating the cypress tree for scent and

fragrance. Mediterranean cypress oil has been blended with a soft hint of musk to create

this fragrance, evoking the presence of this supreme goddess.

Phoenicia – Cedarwood Candle: With the scent of freshly cut cedar-wood

blended with fresh herbs, this candle evokes the lovely fragrance found in the forest of

Becharreh in Lebanon, home to the oldest cedar trees in the world. The Phoenicians

believed the wood of the glorious cedars to be the sacred wood of the gods and used it to

honour their ancestors, a task to which the ancient orient attached deep importance. The

cedar tree was also thought to be an emblem of prosperity.

Isis – Rose & Lily Candle: A blend of red rose and white lily petals, this

fragranced candle evokes the very presence of Cleopatra VII, the last Ptolemaic Queen.

This illustrious Queen was believed to be the personification of the Egyptian deity, Isis,

the mother goddess and protector. It is said that from a young age she favoured bathing in

a rose water infusion.

The two Ancienne Ambiance Christmas Special Edition candle fragrances:

Nativitatis Candle: ‘Christmas’ in Latin, is a wonderful blend of inspiring

cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. A fragrance originally used in the Ancienne Ambiance

Christmas pillar candle collection, this is the first time the best-selling Winter scent will

be sold as a Special Edition candle, presented in new signature black glass and giftbox.

Black Phoenicia Candle: Introduced each Winter, the warm cedarwood

fragrance of Ancienne Ambiance’s Phoenicia became a special edition candle, due to

being the year-round best selling fragrance for the brand.

New-look Ancienne Ambiance candles are priced at £36.00 (available from September 2012). Special Edition new-look Christmas Candles are priced at £38.00 (available from November 2012). All candles burn for over 60 hours and are available directly from from September 2012.