Summer with HIVE®!

The beauty industry is ever-changing, but one thing that has been constant is HIVE® of Beauty, because quality never goes out of fashion! With thirty thriving years in the industry, the renowned waxing brand shares its key tips for achieving the perfect wax this summer and how to increase your bookings and elevate your services.

Which Wax?

A question that will be on beauty therapists’ minds this summer. However, it is not a question with a definitive answer.

The wants and needs of the client should always determine the treatment and product used. Factors such as whether a client has sensitive skin or is a vegan must always be fundamental in the wax selection process. Such information should be requested at the time of an initial consultation. A thorough assessment of the client should be part of every waxing treatment and a key responsibility of the therapists undertaking it.

Waxing Tip 1

Waxing can bring a slight sensation to the skin, to help tame the tingling, place your hand on the waxed area straight after and press firmly for a few seconds. Your clients will thank you for it.

Waxing Tip 2

Fresh gloves should be worn for each client before waxing, even if it’s a simple brow wax. Pores are open for up to 24 hours after waxing, so it is of paramount importance to keep the treatment area clean. Advise your clients to refrain from touching the waxed area to prevent dirt and bacteria from entering the open pores.

Strip Wax

The term strip wax includes variants such as warm and crème waxes, which all require removal using a wax strip. Typically, used on larger treatment areas such as the legs, arms or back. As it has a thinner texture than hot wax. Therapists can quickly and easily spread strip wax over a larger treatment area using a spatula, making it more time efficient. You are unlikely to find a wax therapist that is not extremely confident when using strip wax as it is (almost) always the first type of wax that they have been trained to use.

Strip Wax – Pros & Cons


  • Ideal for larger treatment areas.
  • Quick application.
  • Universally used within salons.
  • Highly effective on thin hair and less sensitive skin.


  • Requires additional expense of wax strips.
  • Adheres to both the hair and the skin.
  • Can cause redness when used on thinner skin or sensitive areas.
  • Should only ever be applied once to avoid trauma to the skin.

Hot Wax

Hot wax can come in different forms, such as blocks, pellets, or discs, but they are all removed by hand. Whilst hot wax formulations are mostly more expensive to produce and therefore purchase, salons should factor in the additional saving on wax strips when pricing treatments and their profit. A thicker application than strip wax, the wax can take longer to apply as it is built up in layers before setting and being removed. Hot wax tends to adhere only to the actual hair, making it a popular choice for sensitive or intimate areas as it lessens the possibility of skin drag and causing discomfort to the client.

Hot Wax – Pros & Cons


  • No wax strips are required.
  • Whether in blocks, pellets, or discs they are easy to measure per treatment and to decant into a wax heater.
  • Excellent for removing short, stubborn hairs, making it popular for intimate waxing procedures.
  • Thicker nature gives therapists a greater element of control, ideal for treatments such as eyebrow shaping.


  • Wax needs time to set before removal.
  • Additional training is required for intimate waxing.
  • Longer applications can make them unsuitable for large treatment areas.

Top tips to attract first-time waxers:

Becky Priest, HIVE® Brand Ambassador and Owner of Becky’s Beauty School

“I think the best way to attract first-time waxers this summer is by doing what already works for me now. Be approachable, relatable, and just yourself. It is intimidating to have such a personal treatment with a stranger. You can talk the talk and tell them the benefits, but what potential clients want to know is who and what to expect when they come for their first appointment. They invest in the waxer as much as the wax itself. Use your social media platforms to introduce yourself. Not everyone knows the various stages of a waxing treatment, so use this opportunity to explain this in a reassuring manner. You must think out of the box and be creative.”

Whatever wax requirements there are this summer, salon owners, beauty professionals and their clients can rest assured that HIVE® have the perfect wax!